How to Know if a Guy Likes You

Most of the times when a boy likes you they show a clear interest in you but every guy doesn`t have the same gene, they are also posting different qualities in them. Some of them are extremely shy and don`t clear their intentions. Still, there are a lot of signs they may show to you if they are into you.guy-likes-girl

If you are still clueless if he likes you or not, here is the list of the things that will tell if he likes you:

1. He comes up to you – Most of the guys know that women hardly initiate any approach. So if they like you they will find a way to approach you or come closer. If a friend of you likes you they always sit close to you even if there is a lot of free space. If he is shy, he may not come directly to you but come closer if they find their way.

2. He makes eye contact with your – eyes never lie, usually when some are with you they will not make eye contact for a long time opposed to it when someone is into you they will try to make an eye contact. Even if you are not watching to him, they will see your face and look for a chance of eye contact.

3. He is expressive while talking to you – when we try to make someone fully understand what we are saying we use expressions, this is what exactly he is doing.

4. He is nervous – we boys are usually not nervous with normal people and I think it is sweet for a girl when someone becomes nervous in front of you. He is probably embarrassed by your presence but there are little butterflies in his heart who are just trying to come out.

5. He sends you gifts – we hardly spend money for gifts to our friends. If he gives you gift even when you are not expecting it, it means he is interested in you and wants to see you happy. Isn`t a way to show you that we care?

6. He makes an effort to look good – it is a universal law, when we want to make someone to like us we don`t want to them see us in bad dresses. He wears good clothes and shoes whenever you go to any meeting. He doesn’t wear his faded shirts in front of you.

7. He gets jealous – he gets jealous whenever you talk about other boys or enjoying with his friends. Boys can`t hide jealousy, they don`t forget it either. Making a guy jealous can make a permanent loss as it may be a sign that you are not into them.

8. He is very helpful to you – boys’ aren’t very helpful for no reason. If they don`t find you attractive they are not going offer you to help. If you are getting helped by the same man over and over, he likes you.

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