12 Awesome Habits which Make Your Life Happy

Your mental state can influence your health incredibly. Negative feelings like stress and depression can actually affect and crack down your immune system.happy-habits

Here are some ways for happiness hacks.

1. Meditate – It’s fascinating to know how much analysis supports meditations health benefits but doesn’t be anxious like I once was. You just can simply start with the using of very simple apps like Buddhify or the Mindfulness app.

2. Scrawling it down – Research prefers that scrawling or writing down our speculations, thoughts, fever, and emotions can reduce day-to-day stress.

3. Bath before bed – A lukewarm shower before bedtime can lower your body temperature, helps in slowing down of metabolic functions such as heart rate, breathing, and digestion.

4. Spend time with nature – Stepping outside for 15 minutes a day has been linked to better mental health. Even if you just look at photos it can increase positivity and happiness.

5. Odor the aroma – It’s authentic: The simple act of smelling your morning coffee can help reduce to stress.

6. Slumber (sleep) well – Scientists say sleep is the single most important thing for health. Skipping sleep may lead to disease.

7. Avoid gadgets before bed – Your phone, television, and computer all have screens that emit artificial light. Melatonin is suppressed but this light makes you unable to sleep.

8. Stay away from the alarm – Move the alarm clock across the room so you’re forced to get out of bed to turn it off.

9. Spend time with friends – It is said that if a friendship lasts longer for 7 years it will last a lifetime. It is beneficial for us as well as for our health because friends are the people with whom we can share everything whether it is good or bad and this help to reduce stress and anxiety and our body and mind feel relaxed. As you know it is well said: “In a healthy body their lives a healthy mind”. But not spending more time with people we love is something we regret the most.

10. INVEST in FRIENDS – We can say this as a happiness hack because when you give money or spend money with your friends it not only gives you the pleasure or enjoyment it also gives you the memories so that when you get old you can laugh out by remembering them.

11. LOVE THEM WHO LOVES YOU – Love is one of the main things which are responsible for HAPPINESS of your life. It does not matter that the person you are in love with loves you back. In many cases, people get crazy for this so it’s important that you love that person which will be difficult for you in the starting but for sure it will stable your mental situation.

12. GIVING TIME TO FAMILY -One of the most important things is the family love which can make you a good person, a bad person or even worse. So spend as much as you can with your family.

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