How to Kiss

Kissing can come as a very powerful tool to keep our relationship stronger and charismatic. The couple who kiss very often have a good understanding and they stay more faithful than those who not. Kissing is a technique which can be learned and training can make us an expert in

Kissing has a lot of types which have different names in different parts of the world. The first kiss is one of most memorable thing which people do in starting a relationship it is even more important than first sex. People remember their first kiss more vividly than the sex. So, here are some tips on how to make your kisses more memorable than ever before

1. It’s the act which is so simple and so intimate; it needs to grow in a very respectful manner. There is no other word for starting than `smooth`. Yeah, starting with a kiss should be so smooth and erotic that it looks like decades pass in a couple of seconds. Don`t ever put pressure for starting it. Don`t use your tongue, just touch your lips with him/her and come back, leave them wanting. The less you give the more you get. Go slowly for it and make them feel relaxed and sensual.

2. Use the right amount of pressure on their lips, it should not be more force nor like lifeless lips. Using pressure as they can enjoy is the right amount. Still, it is not the time to use your tongue.

3. Wisely and slowly involve your tongue – tongues shouldn`t come in the way until the things are heating up enough. The tongue is very strong muscle and should involve very gently. Keep your mouth closed then slightly open it for a kiss and later introduce your tongue First just touch your tongue with your partner tongues, they should just caress each other.

4. Involve your whole body- use your hands to hold her back, neck gently in starting later you can use them tightly. Best kisses involve the whole body and not only lips. Kiss their earlobes, neck. You are men kissing on their neck can lead to bed.

5. Don`t give everything- try to tease them, it’s attractive and fun to make them chase. Break the kiss sometimes and look at them slyly let them chase your lips. Taking a step back is not a bad idea. Just touch your lips with your partner`s without actually kissing. Using your fingers to stop can have drawbacks.

6. Everybody has a different taste for everything, kissing is no way different. Everybody has their style. Adapt your own technique and create a new for yourself only, maybe that will ore attracting than others

7. Don`t analyze everything, sometimes it can go awkward, but it doesn`t say that you are bad; it is just a matter of time. Do what you like, mean your kisses and don`t give them freely, worth them, worth yourself.

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