How to Hug a Girl

Hugging can be of many types, side hugging, long hugging, joyful hugging, and emotional hugging. A proper and good hug is what comes naturally and more intimate.girl-hug

A guy who knows how to hug a girl can win girl’s heart in no time, but it needs a long time to go to that level with a person of opposite sex. Most of the guys are unable to give a good hug to their girls. Simple things like kisses, hugs, compliments are very important from a girl’s perspective. Here are some of the best tips which you can ever get somewhere for hugging a girl.

1. Read her before you are going for a hug 
Don’t rush when you are going to hug a girl, give yourself some time and read her body language. If she wants a hug to give it to her, if they are enjoying your hug, continue, if not step back. Do it slowly, intimacy never comes at once. Be confident and make it fun. Apologize if something went wrong and give them another chance.

2. The right moments 
There are always some right moments to do something. Hugging someone at improper moments can be awkward. Some good times of hugging a girl are:
When you first see her. Greeting someone with a hug is a good way to make her feel good and nice. Give a quick hug even if you want them more than friends. Give them a hug when she says she had a hard day or something bad happens to her or if she had a good day. Give them hug when you both achieve something.When you are parting. Giving a hug with saying goodbye is a nice friendly gesture and everybody loves it.

3. Make it light 
A light touch goes farther than hard ones. If she is holding your back, it is better to run your hands softly to her back. Make a smooth light touch. A light touch comes with a lot of new connections and it makes them feel safe.

4. Decide how long you should hold 
Holding durations say a lot about our relationship with the person. A longer hug is more intimate and meant for family members or significant others. Shorter hugs of one or two seconds are meant for friends or casual persons.

5. Let it go smoothly 
The mistake most of the guys make is releasing the hug all at once. A fast release is shocking to our system and can leave her hanging if she wants more. We should and end the hug slowly and smoothly so that she has time to take her chance.

Things to avoid while hugging

1. Don’t be fast or hard 
intimacy comes gradually and smoothly. You can go harder when you are passionate but for normal go with a slower pace.

2. Avoid awkwardness 
Things may go different sometimes but don’t take a step which can feel awkward to the girl. The best way of avoiding awkwardness is to embrace what comes naturally. Don’t put something extra with your hugs.

3. Don’t get greedy 
Always give a little less to a girl than what she is expecting. If you are hugging a girl too much or longer than she wishes, you are doing it wrong. It makes you clingy rather than affectionate.

4. Don’t hug her if she doesn’t like 
Giving anything which another person doesn’t want give a reason them to dislike you. Never hug a girl who doesn’t like to be hugged.

5. Don’t try new positions unless she is your girlfriend 
You can hug your girlfriend in different positions but for normal friends go with traditional one.

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