How to Introduce Yourself

There are different places where we need to introduce ourselves. We always encounter people who face problems in introducing themselves, they feel shy or a lot of embarrassment. It is an important quality to have for being a good leader or getting success.introduce

In every field we need to introduce us to local people, higher authorities, or a new person, the thing which is important here is to introduce you in a way that other find appropriate and they will remember you for a long time. Below are some important tips to enhance your introduction qualities:

1. Eye contact always plays its role
Make eye contact with the person you are talking to, it shows that you are very attentive at that very moment. It is also a sign of your confidence. While talking with many people, you should make periodic eye contact with everyone. You can look between the eyebrows of the person if you are feeling uncomfortable in watching into their eyes.

2. Smile 
Always have a little smile on your face during the primary interaction. People will remember you for a long time if you introduce yourself with a smile. Giving a genuine smile will make the interaction positive. Your smile can give you better chance if you are applying for a job or introducing yourself with new companies.

3. Body language 
Our body speaks much earlier than we started talking, people with good body language can attract others very easily. Always stand with head high and back straight. Always mind your position, if you can mirror the body language of the people you are talking to.

4. Speak less 
Give your introduction briefly and straight. You have to provide the minimum information about you which is enough for others. The introduction should be short always, leave the other things for longer conversations. Briefly describing will not show your mean nature, but it is your attitude.

5. Exchange names 
People like when someone talks about their names. When you are in introduction period always offer your name and ask for them in a pleasant tone. You should use their name during talking and remember them for future. People will be more impress by you if you remember their names. Ask them using simple sentences like`”hi, I am jack, what`s your name?”.

6. Consider where are you 
We should talk about the things for which we are related to each other. Like if you are meeting in a sports stadium you should talk about different sports, sportspersons, or things like that. If you are meeting in school talk about your subjects exams, projects, etc.

7. Don’t introduce your post unnecessarily 
Don’t say your position in a company or business, if it is not needed. This is unimpressive and not a sign of humble person. People won’t like persons who try to impress with their positions.

8. Hugs and Handshakes 
In different places there are different ways of greeting, some countries are more open and they often greet with hugs. For business meetings, handshakes are always preferable except in China. In many cultures, kiss is also a way to greet guests.

9. Talk about them 
Show interest in others. You can easily impress people by showing interest in them. Everybody likes to talk about them and they can share more information when you talk about their field of interests. Ask questions, in which they can relate them. Talk just a little about you.

10. Close with a compliment 
End the conversation with stating that you like meeting with them or you feel good for meeting them. If someone meets you when you were sad, admire their meeting, if they make you feel good.

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