15 Coolest Facts about Kissing

The one of the very beautiful way to greet one another is known by many names in this round world, like making out, necking, kissing, etc. It can be a sign of love or sexual desire also.kissing-couple

The time stopped, eyes closed, feeling cent percent of your partner, we don’t have enough words to describe kissing, but here are some interesting facts about kissing.

  1. A dip kiss involved 146 muscles, 34 of these muscles are facial while 112 are postural. During kissing, we pose differently and it’s an energy burning process. Orbicularis Oris is muscle which is present in lips
  2. Depending on your way of kissing, per minute it can burn 3-6 calories. More passionate the kiss, more calories you can burn. Always bring passion in your kisses.
  3. If kissing seems very interesting and you want to spend your time in it and earn money, you can study philematology, the study of kissing. Later on, it can give a job too.
  4. Kissing reduces stress level. The hormones dopamine and oxytocin are released during the kiss and it lowers the level of cortisol which is a stress hormone.
  5. Kissing boosts the immune system, although there are a lot of bacteria present in the mouth, exchanging bacteria during kissing boosts our immune system. It increases the diversity of microorganisms in our body.
  6. The longest kiss ever is 58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds, which happened in Pattaya, Thailand during a competition. The couple locked their lips for more than two days.
  7. Kissing uses 5 of 12 cranial nerves. This is the way brain collect more information.
  8. Love brings happiness and satisfaction, blood vessels vastly dilate during kissing and it brings down the blood pressure.
  9. Kissing triggers the release of testosterone in men. Men saliva contains testosterone which trades into women during kissing and increases testosterone level in her result in increased her receptivity and libido.
  10. Wedding kiss was originated from ancient Romans period. The first kiss which happens in church after marriage is a background from ancient Romans where it was a sign of lawful binding or contract between two people, the couple.
  11. Lips are very much sensitive parts in our body. There are more than 10000 nerves while clitoris has 8000 nerve endings.
  12. The first erotic kiss was mentioned in Kamasutra but later on, it had gone out of style and came back again in the 11th century.
  13. Some parts of the Middle East and Asia look down to kiss their loved ones in public; they just prefer it in their privacy. Although they have other ways to show their love and affection.
  14. The more you kiss to your partner the more strong your relationship will be, kissing a lot also avoid cheating, you will be more attached to the person whom you kiss, sex is not that important.
  15. Women love kissing more than men do, yup they also give more importance to kissing in a relationship than men.

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