7 Tips to Make Long Distance Relationship Work

Long distance relationships are the gift of this new era of internet and all the social media sites which make it possible to see that person who is very far from you. But still, long distance relationships hardly last longer. Most people don’t even believe that it will ever work out.distance-relation

Your family will discourage you, your friends will advise you to not take it seriously and at some point they are right. It is never going to be easy. The physical presence matters more than you think. But if you can make it, you will get a lot of surprises later. You will laugh on all these obstacles which you have cleared them. Here are some important tips which will help you to keep your love alive and strong in long distance relationship.

1. Communicate 
Communication is the vital need of any relationship. It is needed that your communication should be transparent and authentic. In long distance when there is absence of physical touch you can feel each other by talking over the phone, with video calls. Don’t let resentments and frustrations to build. Get to know about each other’s needs and desires. Greet each other with “good morning” and “goodnight” every day. Try to know about your partner’s day and life. Put some efforts in sending pictures to each other.

2. Use it to make your bonding more powerful 
Take the distance as a test to see how your relationship will go. If you learn to live apart from each other, your togetherness will be a magic to you and you will worth it much better.

3. Visit often 
If your budget allows you and you have holidays, you should visit each other. You should seek the opportunity to see each other. Face to face interaction is important for having, relationship, satisfaction, commitment and trust. You can invite your partner to place where you both can meet and do some favorite activity. Visit a place together sometimes. Choose some romantic destinations.

4. Create trust
Trust is a vital component of a relationship, no matter which type of relation is it. Try your best to be faithful. If you make mistake, you should tell your partner if you value your relationship. Use frequent emailing and other sources through which you can talk with each other. You should be morally committed to each other.

5. Enjoy your time alone 
Although you are alone you should not take it as loneliness; you should not totally be dependent on your partner. You have your own family and friends. Use this time to do something more with your family. Use this free time to invest in your job.

6. Stay positive 
Positive energy is something which is running this world. Waiting can be unbearable sometimes but you should wait. Be thankful to God that you have someone to love. Be thankful that you are healthy and safe.

7. Send gifts and love letters 
Send gifts on occasions like festivals and birthdays. Mail each other handwritten love letters. Shop something online and send them surprises.

It will all worth in the end.

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