How to Make Every Kiss Memorable: Make Every Kiss More Romantic


Love start with a wonderful kiss. Whether it is our first kiss or hundredth kiss, whether it is our kiss with someone special or with someone unknown, kisses always create a wonderful, lovely memory. Kisses make us close to our partner, make us more intimate. Every one of us wants to make our kisses memorable for the whole life. Here let’s discuss how to make kiss memorable for the whole life.

Speak Up
Many of us don’t discuss about the kiss with our partner. Recent research found that when we discuss about the kiss with our partner, how we feel, how romantic it is, and other things during the kiss will help us to make our kiss memorable and make us more intimate toward our partner. So always talk about your kisses with your partner as it will create a romantic impression and sweet memory.

Don’t repeat general mistake 
Many of had complained against how our partner reacts, the way they do it, or something else during kissing. Generally, women have complained that men forces with their tongue kissing and men complain that women don’t open their mouth properly during kissing. If we don’t like anything about our partner then it is always better to discuss frankly with our partner about it and this will help both our romantic life and also will make our kiss more romantic and memorable.

Make the kiss deep from your soul
When we kiss deeply from our soul with more love, we will always please our partner. It will create a stronger memory, make our mood more romantic. Researchers found that when we kiss at other places also, like in neck, eyes and also kissing in ear lobes will make us more pleased, romantic, memorable, intimacy toward partner. Kisses make our memory emotionally romantic.

Don’t stop kissing
Recent scientific study found that when couples are young they kiss but as they are getting older or in a relationship for a long term are found that they stop kissing with their partner or kisses rarely. Kisses make our relationship more memorable and make us bonded with our partner. We must kiss with our partner whether we are in a new relationship or we are in a long term relationship.

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