Memories Not Getting Over Ex

Why is it hard to forget our ex? Why memories make us cry? Why our heart still feel the love for them? Many times it is very hard to forget our ex. What makes us remember even after everything is over? Why their memories give us pain? How to make our heart to stop beating for them?ex-partner

In this modern civilization with the advancement of technologies, busy life, it is sometimes hard to find someone who will be with us forever. Everyday many hearts are broken. Many of us are capable of forgetting our ex but many of us can’t forget. For some love is just a word in the dictionary.

But some of them know what the word love mean, how deep this word is, how this word connects with us and our life.

When our expectation is high for our partners, it hurts when that expectation is not achieved. What we feel about our loving one is not the same as what they feel about us. When we care more, love more than what they deserve makes us cry. Promises are broken, the words are forgotten, memories are erased, why they don’t understand our heart, how our loving one forget us so easily, why their heart don’t beat for us.

Every cup of coffee makes us remember the coffee with ex, what make that day special, is the day was special or being together is special.

The modern research done by the expert found that about 65% of us don’t forget our ex after a breakup. It is every interesting that those who get together again after their breakup are found to have better intimacy than their previous time. Really it is very hard to know what our heart want, no word can explain what love is, what it mean, what emotions it has, how powerful it is.

The unforgettable memories of ex are due to neuroplasticity of their images in our memories. All the relations are based on the moment of time. Neuroplasticity makes the moment of time special and makes us remember that moment and makes us cry or happy.

Let us give the heart one more chance to find someone special who will again create the new memories, the new romantic moments, may love us more than anyone else. Again the cup of coffee will be warmer and full memories. Let the heart go, love will come again.

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