How to Memorize Before Exams? Memory Techniques before Exams


Preparing for an exam can be very difficult process if you haven’t devoted enough time for studying in classes. It’s very stressful when you find out that there are so much of course materials to study in a very short period of time. So, you need tips to memorize the course easily in short period of time.

Here are the tips to study smarter to get great grades in your exams-

Make a list of important concepts or ideas. 
It’s impossible to learn everything when you were left with few days before exams, so prepare a list of important topics which your teacher must have told you. Prepare them thoroughly and then if you have time then go to other topics.

Makes notes 
You will remember more if you write down the texts. First, read the text and write it in your own words and highlight the keywords in it. Revise these notes night before exams.

Take breaks 
Your ability to retain information diminishes after about 30 – 40 minutes, so study in small sessions. In the break, you can take a nap or watch a comedy video of 5 -8 minutes or make important calls.

Mnemonics device 
A mnemonic is simply a way to remember the information in the form of song or rhyme. For example, you can take the first alphabets of a string of information and make a phrase out of it which is easy to remember. You can convert your information in any song.

Try to learn concepts by graphs, diagrams, pictures, charts. This makes easier to understand the concept and to recall the information later in exams.

Teach your friend what you have learned 
It sounds like a difficult task but it is a sort of a revision for you. If you are prepared and confident about any topic, then meet a friend and teach him/her your concepts and insist them to ask you questions.

Take a good night sleep 
Getting the right amount of sleep is important for our brain because it assimilates all the information you have learned at night. It converts facts from short-term memory to long- term memory. Don’t keep awake yourself for the whole night, it won’t make any difference rather it will make your brain tired and stressed.

Lastly, think positive and study hard.

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