How to Overcome a Music Addiction?

Music addiction? Oh! Really there is something like that? Then yes, music can be an addiction. You have seen some people who always have earphones into their ears and some of them can`t live without music.girl-music-addiction

They think that music is their life they can`t think anything out of music and they always defend this habit but actually, they are harming their selves. They think that music says more of their feelings than anything else, they build their world around the music but it is an addiction and addiction can never be good. It will always have bad effects on our life. However, if you are victim of this addiction and you want to get out of it, we are here to save you. Read the tips written below and apply them in your lives, you will surely be happy overcoming your music addiction. I know it is hard to do but it worth your efforts:

1. Gradually Decrease your time devoted to listening musicĀ 
Note your time you are listening to music in a day. Set your limits to listening music for next day and decrease it gradually. For example, if you are listening to music for 12 hours out of 24 hours, you should decrease it to 8 hours for next two days, then 6 hours for next some days and so on until you take your limits to 1-2 hours a day. 2 hours out of 24 hours are enough for a normal human. Music can`t be your life unless you are a good musician or making money with the help of music. There are other things to do in remaining 22 hours.

2. Get rid of earphones
Earphones are not good for your ears. Earphones are making your ears less sensible for other voices. The more you see your earphones in front of you the more you want to use them. So, if you want to get rid of music addiction, remove earphones from your reach.

3. Leave your music sources at home
If you are going out, try to forget your music collections at home and enjoy some outside sounds. By doing so you can hear some really interesting topics which people are talking about in bus or at public places, you can hear beautiful bird`s voices and can hear horns of different vehicles. You will like it more than your songs.

4. Get some buddies
Make some new friends and do some activities together like playing games, going for walk, doing any sports, etc. This will make you more social and you will forget your music for some time. Friends will help you in difficult situations, music will not!

5. Turn off your radio
if you are going out with your family, your car`s radio may be on, turn off that and talk with your family. Share your stories with each other. Share your problem with your parents and they will love you for that. They also support in getting rid of that habit.

6. Remember the Benefits
By quitting music addiction you will make new friends; you can concentrate on your studies and job more. Quitting music will also get relief from depression.

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