How to Overcome Exam Fear

Fear during the exam is absolutely normal; little anxiety can really help you to score good grades in exams. But some students are so anxious and afraid of exam that they forget everything they have studied.exam-fear

You should learn to manage your fear and anxiety so that it should not affect your performance. Here are some tips to reduce the stress and fear for exam-

1. Take a walk
You can’t spend the entire day with the books and try to learn everything. You should take regular rest between the studies. Seeing the thick book makes you nervous and depressed, so you can’t concentrate on the studies, so take a walk and continue studying. Don’t think about the studies in this time.

2. Plan a routine
Make a realistic timetable according to the syllabus and days left before exams. Complete the syllabus according to the timetable because it gives to motivation to study more next day.

3. Make short notes
Make short notes of what you are studying, it helps you to revise the day before the exam. If you don’t feel like writing then, highlight the important lines and revise just these lines before the exam. Don’t highlight everything you see. If you don’t understand anything then discuss it with your teacher or friends.

4. Positive attitude
Always be positive about yourself and your preparations for exams. Keep yourself calm, focused and confident during the preparation and during the exam. Don’t panic in the exam hall, if you have studied then you must be knowing the answers. Think quietly and solve the questions you are confident at first.

5. Exam day
Get up early in the morning and revise the notes you have made. Don’t try to learn something new on the day of the exam. Keep yourself cool and take good breakfast.

6. Try to get enough sleep
Don’t keep yourself awake till late night instead wake up early in the morning and study. Take enough sleep so that you can wake up fresh next day.

7. Listen to the music 
Listen to the music that creates a positive environment and encourages you.

Some more tips-

  • Never expect the less. Expect the best result.
  • Don’t judge yourself over just exam. It’s not the end of the world.
  • Do meditation and yoga to increase your focus and concentration.
  • Never forget that there is a life after an exam.
  • Be happy what you got because you receive what you did.

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