How to Overcome Facebook Addiction

Thirteen years ago a student from Harvard University created a website called Facebook which is now used by 1.59 billion people worldwide and half of them visit the website regularly and waste their time. We can think that some of them get benefitted by consuming their time at Facebook. But most of us think social sites as part of our lives, really?facebook-addiction

Are making friends whom we don`t ever see, getting likes and comments so worthy that we ignore our real lives, family, and friends. Using a limited timing is not bad but time flew very fast and it is a never ending process. Signs of Facebook addiction are:

1. You find yourself a lot on Facebook.
2. Your Facebook profiles one of your main consideration and you change it regularly.
3. You change your status 3-4 times a day without doing this you feel anxious.
4. You talk with your online friends and getting likes from them is your aim.
5. You ignore your real life because of Facebook.

Spending too much time on Facebook kills our productivity, creativity; it affects our energy and interferes with our goals. If you are also into such a trap and wanted to get out of it then you need to know that addiction of anything is nothing but a powerfully ingrained habit that has gotten out of control, so you just need to change your some of the habits which are simpler than you think. And for this, you won`t need to totally stop or break with the Facebook you just need to replace that habit with something healthy and it is more effective than just stopping them. Here are some tips which will surely help you getting over it:

1. Know your time
Be aware how much time you are looking at Facebook. Note that time every time on a notebook and calculate them. Start minimizing this time at regular interval maybe weekly. Weekly limit of 5 hours for the first week is a good point to start.

2. Learn something new 
Learning something in the time which you will spend in checking Facebook is a good idea which makes you productive over time. There are lots of things which can be done over the internet. Search a job or sites where you can earn money.

3. Meet your friends in real life
Enjoying time in a park with your friends is fantastic than sitting on a chair and scrolling to other`s Facebook profiles. Meeting your friends will transform you into an outgoing person. There are always friends in our groups who like to go out rather than spending their time on the internet, be with them.

4. Invest in you
People who are working for Facebook are already so rich, you being there or not will not affect them. Go and invest your time in yourself. Go to the gym, study something, and learn to cook, invest your time in making good projects, and search something where you can succeed.

5. Give time to your family
For a happy and satisfied life, you must give your time to your family. Time and attention are the most valuable thing you can give to your family. Think of long term happiness.

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