9 Benefits of Playing Video Games


Playing video games is the favorite time pass for most of the children. But your parents won’t allow you to play because they are always concern about the potential danger of it. There are so many adverse effects of playing video games like addiction, laziness, violent behavior, lack of physical exercise and many more. But the recent survey and research prove that playing video games have serious health benefits. Here are the reasons how video games are good for beneficial to you or kid-

1. Helps dyslexics 
Dyslexia is a disorder involves reading, writing, verbal memory and brain function. Recent studies show that playing video games improves their reading comprehension. They read faster, more accurate and more attentively.

2. Can improve your vision
All video games have moving images and are so fast that require extreme attention to view things more sharply. Those who play such games become better at visually judging the situations, noticing details and taking decisions accordingly.

3. Pain handling 
Games won’t take away your pain but it distracts you from the pain. It is an old mental trick to distract a patient from pain and allow the brain to stay busy using other senses. Gaming also releases endorphins in the brain which is associated with happiness.

4. Increase coordination 
Video games improve hand-eye coordination. Even gaming are being used to train surgeons because as they work on making precision movements and performing tasks in limited time. It helps to develop fast decision making.

5. Reduce stress and depression 
Stress relief is another advantage. A recent study shows that gamers who suffer from mental illness, depression release their frustration by playing video games and feel better. Playing games keep your brain busy.

6. Good for cognitive health 
Playing your favorite game you become more attentive, focused, thinking critically and making decisions. It is useful in the treatment of a patient suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

7. Helps to make new friends 
The rise of multi-player games experiences online has given a common ground for young kids to make friends. They play together, hang out together and communicate.

8. Video games inspire interest in history 
Many games use actual historical location, which encourages kids to read more about world’s history, geography, historical cultures.

9. Brain aging slows down
Brain games involving problem-solving, puzzle components have shown positive effects on older players. More importantly, specially designed video games have shown to slow the aging process of the brain up to 7 years.

Most importantly it makes you happy; in fact, you can make lots of money as a gamer. But over gaming is, of course, harmful as you know you get isolated from your real school friends. Play video games and enjoy.

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