How to Say Sorry to Your Partner ?


Fixing the broken relationship is not easy but you can’t give up. Small fights happen in every relationship. Admitting your mistakes and saying sorry is an important step to keep your relation healthy. Expressing how sorry you are is not easy but you can try these suggestions to say sorry to your partner and your partner will fall in love with you again-

1. Prepare a meal 
Even if you are not good at cooking, make his/her favorite food and attach a note of sorry. You can add your partner’s favorite romantic track with candle lights. You can bake a cake and use frosting to write I AM SORRY on top.

2. Record your words 
Make audio or video recording for your partner. Express your all love and say that you will take care of these things in future. Start with saying sorry and remind him/her of your good time together. You can add photographs or video of your special moments.

3. Write a letter 
Write a romantic letter, starting or ending with I am sorry. You can also write a poem or any funny thing which can make your partner laugh. Leave the letter on the desk, in office bag or somewhere he/she visit frequently.

4. Buy cute gifts 
You can buy any gift, it doesn’t have to be expensive. You can buy any cup or t-shirt printed with a sorry message or a photo frame with photos of you or your partner’s. If your partner is fond of reading then buy a new book of his favorite author. You can even book a surprise trip for both.

5. Accept responsibility 
If you were wrong then don’t hesitate to accept your mistake. Just say sorry and show that you value them. Just make apology with all your emotions.

6. Learn a song 
Prepare a song for your partner; it should be special like the song of your first date, on your anniversary or any other moment. Sing it surprisingly for him/her.

7. Dressing up 
Wear sexy clothes which your partner likes. You can even wear funny dresses to make him/her laugh. Or you can even play the role of any character.

Few more steps

  • Prepare yourself for negative responses but don’t lose hopes.
  • Don’t put ego in between. Don’t shout or scream on your partner. Keep yourself calm.
  • You can ask your friends or any family member for help.
  • You can also do something extra or more funny and loving to apologize.

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