How to Build Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is a feeling of trust in our abilities, qualities and judgmental decisions. It is a positive power which increases from experiences of living particular activities. Self-confidence makes us worthy in our own eyes.self-confidence

It makes us happy and enjoyable and it gives us freedom and success in various fields. Self-confidence makes us stronger with time. It is not what people get inherited, it is something which we make ourselves and we can increase it with applying some common principles in our lives. The list is down below, by applying them in your lives, you will feel the flow of self-confidence in you:

1. Take care of you
It is the first step of gaining self-confidence but most of us don’t care about it a lot. A good caring of yourself and your styling will give you the feeling of self-confidence. Shower daily and get a haircut which suits you better. Always take care of your hygiene; it will also make you more energetic as you will have positive feelings for your look. Wear dresses which suit you better and presentable to others. Your first impression means a lot to you.

2. Think positive
Positivity can change a lot of things surrounding you without a single changing in them. Make your vision more positive towards the things around you. Replace the negative thoughts with positivity. It is okay to think about drawbacks of some situations but doubts kill more dreams than failure ever will.

3. Avoid negative thoughts
Sometimes we talk about our self and decide that this thing is very hard to do and we are not going to do that but we forget to remember that everything has a value and the more efforts we put to get anything the more valuable that thing will be. Just thinking about the above mention phrase will change your mind most of the time.

4. Know yourself
For self-confidence, we need to fight with our self and we can’t win with it if we don’t know ourselves. Get to know about your negative and positive points. Once you know your qualities try to change your negative points into your strength.

5. Be kind and generous
Kindness and generosity say a lot about a person. People who are more confident are more kind and generous. If you do good things for other you will feel good about you and it fills you with self-confidence. When you show someone your generosity you worth yourself, you understand that you owe something from the world and your presence can make a difference in other’s lives.

6. Speak slowly and confidently
Speaking slow will give you more time to think about what you are going to say and it will enhance your quality of words and people will listen to you more attentively. So don’t rush to say anything. Always measure strength of your words and how they are going to act on others.

7. Achieve smaller goals
Bigger goals in life are the combinations of many smaller goals which we achieve in our daily life. So, instead of focusing on bigger goals focus on smaller goals and achieve them. The more goals you achieve the more you become near of your bigger goals.

8. Smile 
Put a little smile on your face, it will make you feel good and others too. You can change other’s bad mood with your smile. It needs a very little investment of your time.

9. Exercise
I love this thing, it helps you with everything in life, everything means everything.

10. Feed yourself 
Mentally and physically feed yourself with good things. Mentally with knowledge and physically with nutrition. Knowledge and nutrition both make you stronger.

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