How to Overcome Smartphone’s Addiction?

Smartphones are so important for our life now that we can’t even think about living without it.smartphone-addiction

If you are spending more time with the phone than interaction with another person, using the phone at meal time, checking phone is the first thing in the morning or using the phone before sleeping than yes, you are addicted to the cell phones. By doing all these you are missing meeting your friends, watching movies or spending time with your family. Here are some tips which will be helpful to break your smartphone addiction-

1. Turn off the notifications 
We get distracted by the notification of the Instagram or WhatsApp message, twitter, facebook post and many other apps. So disable all the push notifications so that you will feel less compelled to use the phone. You may keep on the notifications of calendar and messages.

2. Don’t use phone at night 
If you are chatting and scrolling the facebook or Instagram at night then you are losing your precious sleep over addiction. The best thing to do is switch off the phone an hour before going to sleep. Distract yourself by reading any book or listening to songs from your mp3 players or talking to with family.

3. Uninstall the apps 
Uninstall the unnecessary apps if turning off notification is not helping. It will save your time which you are spending to explore the apps.

4. Create no phone time zone 
If you’re constantly getting distracted by the phone alert, then you can’t focus on your work and hence it decreases your productivity. So create a no- phone time zone means for at least 2 hours of your working time you switch if off and keep it in your bag and do your work with dedication.

5. Don’t use phone while meeting the people 
When you are going for a date, meeting, for coffee or dinner then don’t use your phone. If they got time from their schedule to meet you then don’t ruin it by talking to the virtual person on facebook or twitter.

6. Don’t Use phone while walking in the park or somewhere around you.

7. While driving keep your phone on silent mode.

8. Wear a watch to avoid looking at the phone to check the time.

9. Keep the password long with uppercases and symbols, so you won’t open it unless it’s important.

Technologies are for our betterment not to ruin and making our life full of stress. It ultimately affects our relationships, work, and life. Try to live a happy, healthy and more meaningful life by minimizing the use of phones.

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