How to Stop Being Jealous

Jealousy is a feeling or emotion of insecurity, fear or concern of something which matters a lot to us. Often jealousy leads to a state of anger, resentment or disgust. We all feel this emotion very often in different fields of life.jealous-girl

It can be in the field of study, job, love, or just on material things. Most often jealousy is related to the situations when our partner or loved ones show affection to others instead of us. The only thing jealousy can do is dragging us down, it never let us win. We must try to avoid this emotion as much as we can, it is not very hard and most of the people have done it. Below are some special tips which will help us to come out from this feeling of insecurity:

1. Get aware of situations when you got jealous
Knowing the reason for insecure feelings will be the first step in order to avoid this feeling. Most of the times we get jealous over the things which don’t even need our attention like our best friend is talking to someone else, our partner is talking with someone of opposite sex. These situations are completely normal and we should not get jealous over them. Humans are social creatures and we always like to interact with each other.

2. No more comparison 
Comparison makes us feel bad every time, then why we do it? It is because we always underestimate our self. Instead of comparison, we should focus on their struggles and good qualities and if we find them better, it’s because they tried. The best person we can ever compare our self is us. We should focus on our hard work and try to become a better person. Comparing us with others will not change anything unless we try to change ourselves. Everyone is unique in themselves and we should respect it. We are unique.

3. Take it in a constructive way 
Accept that the more you respond to jealousy, it will become more destructive. Try to do the opposite of what you would have done if you are jealous. For example, if the person you like is talking to someone else, go and join the conversation with them. If someone gets the job what you wanted, go and congratulate them. They will like you for it.

4. Trust other people
Most of the time we create suspicion on others for no reason. We think that the other person is not trustworthy just because they talk with someone else. Practically it doesn’t happen but in our jealous mind stories are created. We have to assume the best of a person instead of thinking worst of them. It is natural for the person who had disappointed us for sometimes but for the person who had never disappointed, it is not fair.

5. Have reasonable expectations 
Sometimes our expectations didn’t match the reality, it is not because the person is not trustworthy but because we expected more than we should do. Don’t be clingy to someone it just makes you less attractive. We can’t owe cent percent of anyone. There will be always some part which they will be devoted to something else other than you. Look at yourself and try to love yourself as more as you can.

6. Be optimistic 
There are lots of positive things around us. Positive thinking will make us beautiful from the inner side as well as from the outer side. Try to find positivity in every moment. Every coin has two faces so that of every situation.

7. Build self-confidence 
People who are jealous often lack self-confidence. Do the things which make you smile or laugh. Play sports, hit the gym, get better in some skills, etc.

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