How to Text a Guy You Like

Texting plays a major role in dating nowadays. Everybody is busy in texting, people text for everything from study to business. It is worthy to become a good text writer when it comes to the text with someone you like.text-guy

It is a way to say whatever you want to say without getting nervous. We all can learn this skill with time and experience. Here are some tips which can make your texting skill better with the guy you like:

1. Start strongly 
Your following talking will be based on how you started, for a good follow up avoid very obvious questions like what “What he is doing” or “how is he”, instead, ask things like “how was his exam or test?” if you see him often, you can ask a lot of questions which relates him to you. Don’t ask questions which are philosophical, guys don’t like that type of questions.

2. Ask questions 
Questions are very good way to keep the conversation going. In starting questions about his favorite music, films, his past life is better options. You can ask more personal questions as you start to know him better.

3. Keep the conversation interesting 
Well, you can’t do it all alone, good responses are also necessary. Try your best to stay on interesting topics. Spark the conversation with interesting topics when they seem lifeless. Ask questions about the things what he loves, it will make him to response him with more details and explanations.

4. Don’t be needy 
Don’t be needy while you are texting, don’t reply him in seconds if you got a reply after few minutes or hour. Take some time to think and then reply him with appropriate words. If you didn’t get any text from him once in a while, drop him a text like “hello there, glad to see a text from you”. Instead of being rude or needy.

5. Don’t send more texts at a single time 
It is obvious to become nervous while texting someone we like, it becomes worse when they don’t reply in 5 minutes but instead of filling his inbox with lots of messages, wait. He may be busy somewhere. He will reply you when he gets time, if he doesn’t he is not interested in you and you should forget him. There is no benefit for holding on a person if he is not interested.

6. Don’t over text 
Texting is a virtual world and it can’t compete with real life. Texting too much can kill the mysterious real life and it may kill the spark between the two people. Use it occasionally and be more concentrated on your real life. There are a lot of good things to do in real life than waiting and texting someone whom you don`t know.

7. Flirt a little 
Flirting is very important in the game of texting, flirting boost up the other person’s ego and confidence, don’t use it a lot, or you may be taken as desperate. For compliments you can use words like hot and beautiful, guys get fewer compliments so they can be easily blown away with your compliments. Use the compliments in a proper way. Seducing a guy over text is an easy task to do with the sentences like, “I wish you were here right now” or ” you were looking hot today in that t-shirt”, or something like that.

8. Show your silly side 
Every girl has a silly side, and guys love it when you show it to them. Show your sense of humor and guys will love you for that. Most of the girls think this as characteristics only men should have, it is not true.

9. Make plans 
Use the texting for making plans, texting give us the opportunity for making plans without any hesitation or insecurities, share your ideas and meet in real life more than texting.

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