How to Treat Your Girlfriend?


Every guy in this world has an initial dream how they will treat their girlfriend when they will have one. But when they get one most of their dreams remains in the history only. This is because they don`t know how to build it, how to live their dreams. Their ego comes in the way, their pride comes in the way. Start taking someone for granted is the biggest mistake we can do in relationships. You need to understand other priorities, how they want to be treated, what makes them happy. Sometimes love is the only thing which can give meaning to our lives. With love, we can stand in front of any storm and without it, a slow wind can blow you. Here is a list of ways through which you can strengthen your relationship and move yourself to a relationship which can motivate you.

1. Love each other 
There is no meaning of love if you both can`t love each other, that feeling from the heart, which can make you missing the other one even for some hours apart. Love like you felt in starting, you need to recreate those moments. It makes your girl feel special.

2. Don’t lie 
Lies weaken your relationships. No matter how clearly you can lie, if she gets this, it will be very upsetting. Lies create tension between you two. For saving a lie you will speak more lies further.

3. Keep communicating and make it open 
Always remember the less you communicate the more misunderstanding will create. Don`t keep secrets with each other. God have sent her for you to share everything. Everything means everything.

4. Stay sweet 
Situations can go harsh sometimes but it will be a bad idea to let it that way. There is always a sweet way to solve it. Girls are so delicate because god has created them that way. Holding their hands in a sweet and soft way can make her feel butterfly in her heart.

5. Be honest 
Real men always stay faithful. They have hardly any time to see any other women. Being faithful is the key to a satisfied life. Other things can just take you into a fantasy world for a little period of time but real love grows like a tree, slowly but fruitful.

6. Forgive each other 
Everybody makes mistake. Some mistakes are hard to be forgotten and forgiven but still giving some chances may be a way to strengthen your relationship. Forgive but in a limit.

7. When you say `sorry`, mean it 
See yourself and your partner from the same eye. Sorry means it was a mistake and I will try my best not to do it again. Value your words.

8. Never compare her with someone else 
Everybody have some special qualities, some are beautiful externally while some are internally. Always remember you don`t love them because what they are but because what you feel when they are with you.

9. Take care of each other 
Take care of each other emotionally and physically. Help each other in works, make them feel special when they are down, share your joy, achievements, sadness, tears, cry. Be with her when she needs you.

10. Don`t try to be perfect 
Perfection can never be achieved; they love you for what you are. They just need whole of you. You don`t need a mate if you are perfect, keep teasing, keep playing, be in mood make them feel like you need them. Nobody loves perfection. Perfection doesn`t need any support.

True relationships are the flowers which bloom with constant care and support. They blossom gradually and fill your life with fragrance and colors. Everybody is not so fortunate to have love in their lives if you have water it.

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