What do Girls like in Boys


Understanding a man need more than experience because just dating a guy won’t help you to understand him better. Of course, every woman has different taste or type in men. Women get attracted to different things but what they find most attractive? So here is a list of few things and facts about men which attracts women the most-

1. Height 
It’s not that short men women don’t like, but they prefer tall men. Height provides a sense of security and comfort, women feel more protected if you are taller than her.

2. Looks and health 
Women prefer a “V” shaped the athletic body of a man it gives the feeling of protection to her. Men should always wear nice clothes that fit perfectly, smells good, nice shoes and good hair style.

3. Deep voice 
Your voice says lots about you. Women notice deeper voice as a sign of stronger physicality, which attracts the women most.

4. Intelligence 
Intelligence and smartness are very attractive to women. Women like men who make smart decisions in life and shows that they can be successful. Laughter makes people more comfortable and happy, so make her laugh but with a good sense of humor.

5. Confidence 
Confidence is one of the most attractive qualities a man could have. Women instantly judge you by your body language and your posture, so always be confident about what you are saying and doing. Keep calm and relaxed gesture while talking to her.

6. Leadership 
Being leader is very attractive to women; it shows social status and position of power.

7. Be yourself 
Don’t pretend something you aren’t to impress a girl. Be what you are but improve yourself continuously. Never hide your faults from her; she will love your faults, your weakness, and everything.

8. Friendliness 
Women find it attractive if you are interested in interacting new people, enjoying parties with friends, going out. But don’t try to be over friendly with the people because it shows your insincerity. If you have a good sense of humor, confidence, and great personality then your looks and height don’t matter to true women.

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