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Understanding the Genetics of Widow's Peak

Posted on : 16th Oct 2017 by


Widow's peak is a V-shaped pattern of hairline in the center of the forehead; it can be present in both men and women. If there is no widow's peak than the lines of forehead joins at front. It is a dominant inherited trait; there are different types of widow's peak.


Origin of term widow' peak -

Hairs that are growing at a point on the forehead, suggestive of the peak of a widow's hood- it is an omen of early widowhood. From 1833 the use of peak in relation to hair is started, and the term widow's peak from 1849. The use of term peak may be due to beak or bill of headdress, with a pointed piece in the front. There is another theory that says the origin of widow's peak is from the mourning caps worn in the 16th century. In a mourning cap or marry Stuart cap there is triangle fold of cloth on the forehead.

Causes -

Widow's peak is termed an anomaly by Ely Guv Hintonith and Michael Cohen. It results from lower than usual point of interaction of the hair pattern on the forehead. This can be occurred due to more widely spaced periorbital fields on the forehead line. Wide spacing between the periorbital fields is because of ocular Hypertelorism- that is eyes are abnormally apart called widow's peak.

It is said that in case of Hypertelorism the surrounded growth of scalp- hair growth is stopped by ectopic eye. There is a disorder called Donnai- Barrow syndrome and one of the symptoms of this disease is widow's peak.

According to a study on women in 2009, about 81% have the widow's peak. The criteria of this study are still unclear.

  • It is a genetic trait which causes a handful of the population, there can be advantages and disadvantages of widow's peak and its all depends on how we see this, and how it looks to us.
  • Some people are not familiar with widow's peak they are V-shaped line on the forehead, some people think that it is weird reputation having widow's peak, but the widow's peak is quite common and they can be hidden under the hairs, they are generally visible in ponytails or when person's hair pulls backward.
  • Both men and women may have widow's peak, there are some celebrities having widow' peak like Kourtney Kardashian, Collin Farrell, Zayn Malik etc.
  • As you will find throughout this article there are many redeeming qualities to having a widow's peak.
  • No one likes the frizzy hair part of a widow's peak, but there is one benefit is being able to switch your part whenever you like.


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