Consciousness in Artificial Intelligence (AI): A Big Mystery

Consciousness is itself a big mystery. Even after hundreds of years of studying human brain and anatomy we still are not able to understand how to measure

Artificial Intelligence is still in a state of infancy. We are able to develop machines with AI which can reason, think, learn and take a decision as per the situation. But Consciousness in AI is still a big question.

What is Consciousness? 
It is tough to define what actually consciousness is. Daniel Dennett in his book ‘Consciousness Explained’ refers consciousness as the last surviving mystery in the world. As per neuroscientists consciousness is somewhat like self-awareness about us and our surroundings. It is not a few nerves which carry impulses and that can be measured. Millions of nerves carrying impulses result in some kind of consciousness. Consciousness is not single dimension thing.

Is Consciousness possible in AI? 
The great physicist Prof. Stephen Hawking quoted “The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race. ”
The development of full artificial intelligence is only possible when we are to develop consciousness in AI. To create consciousness we have to understand neurology about how brain works to store memory and also how our consciousness develops.
Creating AI like human brain from the ground level seems much tougher. Many researchers took another process of developing a virtual brain by reverse engineering. Many projects on AI are under process to develop computational brain by reverse engineering process. The artificial brain being developed is on the basis of studying the neuron structure of human brain and its functions. May be developing a brain-like structure could help us to discover how brain thinks and what actually consciousness is.

Is consciousness in AI coming soon? 
Developing consciousness in AI will be the greatest invention of the century. But not soon as it took few decades to reach AI at this stage. Development of AI is moving at very slow rate. It may take another few decades to understand consciousness and its use in AI unless any breakthrough in AI happens.

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