What Artificial Intelligence (AI) can do

Artificial Intelligence is a worthy idea which is used in many areas and is expected to be used in huge commercial level in near future. Though not used widely but AI will surely make human work easy. The main application of AI is seen in the field of computer science.ai-use

Supercomputers and robots with Artificial Intelligence are used today in many fields including defense, cyber security, data management, weather monitoring etc. The commercial use of AI is still not that popular.

AI has some special qualities which make them different from human intelligence. Here are some unique uses of AI which AI can do much better.

1. Robots with Artificial Intelligence can work in Deadly environment
Robots can survive in the deadliest environment where human can’t work or survive. Robots working in mines, space, hottest place, Under ocean etc. AI helps them to work more efficiently. One of the main use of artificial intelligence in robotics is in disaster management. Robots are installed with high-level sensors which can detect and differentiate everything in surrounding and work accordingly.

2. Artificial Intelligence knows more languages 
Human can learn only a few languages throughout their life. High-level AI software can learn, speak, translate and listen to as many languages they want. The Google Translate app is one such example.

3. Artificial Intelligence in Defense 
The use of AI in Defense is mainly focused on extracting information, spying enemy, advanced drone technology and security purposes.
One of the first use of AI was seen when Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA), the US defense research organization, developed the DARPA VMR system which can analyze intelligently in searching, filtering and exploring visual files with its highly advanced AI enabled computer system. Any military mission related information can be extracted from this system.

4. Artificial Intelligence in Medical Diagnosis 
The development of AI will change the way of disease diagnosis. Not only in treatment and surgery, AI has also proven to be much accurate in diagnosis of diseases.
As per an experiment done with IBM’s Watson in the year 2011, it was noticed that this supercomputer is more accurate than the human doctor in diagnosis of diseases. A doctor with great knowledge is expected to spend 160 hours a week reading new research papers. IBM Watson’s AI did that in few seconds. It can analyze, study, learn and store thousand of patient record within seconds. The reasoning ability helps to do diagnosis more accurately by comparing with early patient records. In case of lung cancer, it was reported to be 90% accurate in diagnosis whereas professional human physicians were only 50% accurate.

5. Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security 
Information security is great need in today’s digital world. Government agencies, websites, organizations, banks etc are victims of cyber attacks. Artificial Intelligence can be a great helpful in this field. Many researches are being done to understand pattern of cyber attacks, security lacks, collecting evidence etc.
IBM Watson for Cybersecurity launched in the year 2016 is one such example. The project is still under process for more advanced system.

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