How to Boost Smartphone Battery Life


Smartphones are quite common these days. But one problem using Smartphone is its battery life. Battery drainage can hamper your important works. Here are some tips which will help you to boost your Smartphone battery life.

Speed up timeout
Smartphone has a facility called timeout which automatically switch off the screen after a certain interval of inactivity. As quick, your Smartphone’s screen switches your Smartphone will have more battery life. So always try to lessen the timeout time. As per our view, your timeout time should be less than 1 minute. And for best result, it should be 30 sec.

Brightness Control
Your phone may look awesome with your high brightness. But that is actually not god for your battery life. The auto- brightness feature is actually way brighter than you really need. So better to opt for manual settings. Set your brightness level as low as possible.

Power saving mode can be helpful
At present many Smartphones are implementing power saving mode for better user experience. Use this option when you are not using your phone. It will help you to save around 20% of your battery life.

Managing your apps
Apps are the main reason for battery drainage. So using Apps properly is the most important thing for your Smartphone battery life. Always close apps you’re not using. Remember some Apps continue to run in your background even after closing. So better to get rid of then .Either uninstall those apps or incase of built-in Apps disable them.

Get rid of Sync
Whenever you receive an email there will be a notification given immediately. Whenever you snap a photo it will be automatically updated to google drive or similar to them. This feature is called sync. Continually syncing will definitely decrease the overall performance of the battery. This is one of the main reason for battery drainage. Actually, you do not need this always. So better to switch off auto sync.You can also customize your settings and sync so that only essential apps and items are automatically syncing.

Switch off unessential Services
There are many services like auto rotate, vibration for incoming calls or vibration when you type something ( haptic feedback) makes our experience awesome. But these are unessential battery drainer services. You can always turn off vibration for incoming calls and alarms for better battery life.

Managing Wireless Connections
Wireless connections include Wifi, Bluetooth, data connection, GPS etc. Many of us have the tendency to enable them even when we do not need it. Turn off your Wifi and data connection when you do not need for better battery life.

These things are applicable for most of the Smartphones in the present market.

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