Exploring 3d-Printing: The Technology beyond Imagination

The era of technology has revolutionised the whole human evolution. And one gift from technology is 3d-printing. Not far when my grandfather first saw 2d printer. He was amazed to see that device because he was used to see type machine. But computer printing has replaced type machine. And now it is the beginning era of 3d printing. Lot of you must have heard of 3d printing. Many have seen also. I wonder how this machine works. So I started an online research on 3d printing and here is what I found out. 3d-printer

The last few years has turned to be the evolution of 3d printing. From industrial to office 3d printing has affected our lives.

What is 3d printing 
Well 3d printing is additive manufacturing by layers and making a 3d object from its 3d digital model.
How 3d printer works
Well at present wide range materials are used for 3d printing including thermoplastic, thermoplastic composites, pure metal, metal alloys, ceramic items and various forms of food items. Firstly, the 3d model is designed in computer of the object you want to print. It can be CAD(Computer Aided Design) file. This file is created by some 3d developing softwares like Blender, Tinkercad etc. Another method is digitally scanning a 3d object by a 3d scanner. The giant companies like Google and Microsoft have developed 3d hardware for 3d scanning Purposes

Developing 3d Model to 3d print
Well the task of 3d printer comes now. It will develop the 3d form by adding different layers by analysing the 3d model. There are many technologies used for 3d printing.

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