Bora Bora: Reasons to Visit Bora Bora

Bora Bora is a coral island in the Pacific Ocean. It is volcanic in origin and located in French Polynesia. It is one of the most beautiful and peaceful islands on the earth.bora-bora

The lagoon is crystal clear, calm and shallow; you can do various water sports there. Most of the tourists love to visit in July month but you can also visit in the rainy season because the temperature is good, accommodation will be cheap and will be less crowded. Here are some attractive things you can do Bora Bora-

1. Matira beach 
Matira beach is quiet, white sand beach. It is one of the best beaches in the world. You can grab some beer and some food and enjoy the view of lagoon and Mount Otemanu.Matira-beach-bora-bora 2. Mount Otemanu 
Mount Otemanu is the ancient remnant of volcano and is at the center of the island. You can go for hiking to the top of the mountain and click amazing photos. You can also admire the beauty by boat tour and helicopter tour.bora-bora-Mount-Otemanu

3. Coral Gardens 
You can go for snorkeling in the coral gardens and can watch colorful fishes, sharks and rays. You can also hire a boat or cruise to the snorkeling spots.

4. 4×4 Jeep Safari
You can enjoy the ride of the island on jeep safari. You will see Polynesian cultural monuments, temples around the island. You will get t o know the history and culture of the island. You can meet families and learn to make your own sarong. You can also visit Povoi Valley to witness the sunset.bora-bora

5. Lagoon tour 
Lagoon tour is must do thing if you are visiting Bora Bora. You can take an adventurous lagoon tour on your jet ski. You can also take boat and explore the Bora Bora. You can also feed sharks and rays. You will get so many photos at the end of the tour. There are so many glass bottom boats; you can experience marine life without getting wet.

6. Art Galleries
There are so many art galleries which have the unique collection of Polynesian art. You can get bronze sculptures, paintings, art books from famous artists.

7. Motu Picnics 
Motus are small islands around Bora Bora lagoon. After your boat tour, water sports you can step out on Motu and have lunch. They offer delicious local barbeque, fresh tropical fruits and traditional Tahitian cuisine.

8. Wedding and Honeymoon Locations 
There are special photo shoots for honeymoon couples. You can enjoy boat tour with complimentary champagne. It is the best choice for destination weddings. You can arrange marriage at your private yacht, beaches or resorts.

9. Bora Bora Yacht Club 
It is a restaurant which provides the best food in Bora Bora. They serve you fresh fishes, fresh coconut milk and best Pina Colada. Take your order and enjoy the best ever sunset from yacht club.

10. Bora Bora Spa 
You can relax in spa with beautiful surroundings. You can enjoy the fishes swimming below you and watching mount Otemanu from tub. You can also take Polynesian coconut treatment.

11. Water sports
You can do many water adventures sports like mono skiing, wakeboarding, water tube, jet skiing and many more.
If you love fishing then get a boat and go for fishing. You will catch different varieties of fishes like needles fish, snappers, barracuda, jacks and others. The traditional recipe of Tahitian is Poisson Cru. It is marinated raw fish with some coconut milk and lime. It is very tasty and served in breakfast or lunch.

You will never regret the choice of visiting the amazing place called Bora Bora. The place is very beautiful, peaceful and mind blowing.

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