15 Famous Buddhist Monasteries and Temples around the World

Monasteries are the spiritual place where people or devotee lives their life to serve God and humanity. Monasteries are governed by community of group of people that serve the humanity. There is no personal property of an individual and no one personally gain any profit.

Many Monasteries are represented in the history of Buddhism but some others continue to homes of enlightenment. It is a very peaceful place where anybody can relieve their stress and tension. Monasteries are places where a person wants to get relieved from pain and suffering of light by achieving the supreme knowledge of enlightenment.

1. Sigiriya in Sri Lanka
This Monastery is unique in its formation, it was formed by magma plug an extinct volcano. Sigiriya is a place that can be seen from miles away from the plains that surround the central Sri Lanka. This monastery has sloping roof and shape of elliptic that give it the look of aesthetic. There are many gardens around this monastery. Now this place is UNESCO world site heritage.Sigiriya-monastery

2. Ki Gompa, Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh (India) 
It is Located at the top of the hill about 4116m high. This is the main centre of learning Tibetan Buddhist scriptures. Nearly 300 monks live here and do prayer. Every year ceremonial masks brought for Ki Chaam festival mainly held in June and July


3. Taktsang Monastery, Bhutan 
This monastery is famous because this was the start of Buddhism in Bhutan. It is located at Cliff 700 m high while looking down on Paro valley Taktsang-Monastery

4. Rumtek Monastery, Sikkim 
This monastery also known as Dharma Chakra Centre, it was renovated in the 1950s. Monastery is the diamond of Sikkim spiritual centres.

5. Montserrat Monastery, Catalonia, Spain
People travel here alone due to statue of black Madonna. This monastery means ”Jagged Mountain”. Montserrat-Monastery

6. Yumbulagang Monastery, Tibet 
It is called the first building of Tibet. It is Located at top of hill. It has the history of 2000 years. Earlier it was the king palace but in 7 century became monastery dedicating to mother deity.

7. Cave Monastery of Cappadocia, Turkey 
It is Located on the highest peak of region. It is a honeycomb of ancient things.

8. Thikse Monastery, Ladakh 
It has a temple called Lakhang Nyerma. This monastery has 10 temples and has a place of residence to 120 monks.

9. Madonna Del Sasso Monastery, Switzerland
This monastery was built in 1487 on the place where Virgin Mary appeared before brother Bartholomeo.

10. Koyasan, Japan 
1200 years ago founded. It is an active centre for esoteric Buddhism. Koyasan-monastery

11. Tawang Monastery, Arunachal Pradesh 
It is the second largest monastery of Asia and controls 17 Gompas in India.

12. Potala Palace, Tibet 
It is formed of White and Red palaces with ancillary buildings. Built on Red Mountain in the centre of Lhasa Valley Potala-Palace

13. Wat Arun, Bangkok, Thailand 
It is known as “Temple of Dawn”. Wat Arun-monastery

14. Haeinsa Temple, South Korea 
It is located in Gaya Mountain in Hapcheon – gun region in South Gyeongsang Province.

15. Todaiji Temple, Japan 
It is constructed by Emperor Shomu.

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