Awesome Places to Enjoy in Cusco (Belly Button of the World)

Cusco is an ancient beautiful city of Peru with the mixture of Spanish and Incan culture. The city is full of attractions, history and colors.cusco

Here are some of the most beautiful and interesting things to do in Cusco-

1. Plaza de Armas 
It is the perfect place to start your tour with. Plaza de Armas is the cultural center of the city. It is surrounded by pubs, bars, restaurants and gardens. You can spend your perfect afternoon watching people dancing, and singing. There are 2 churches on either side of the square called La Compania and La Cathedral. Plaza de Armas_cusco

2. Sacsayhuaman 
It is fortress like structure and it is a religious site. You will see the incredible stonework in zigzag pattern. The stones are so tightly placed that not even paper can pass through it. Hire a guide to know the history of the place. While going to Sacsayhuaman you will also see big statue of Christ- Cristo Blanco. cusco-Sacsayhuaman

3. San Pedro Market
You will find the fresh vegetables, fruits and food items from different regions. There are so many stalls selling food items, fresh juices, street food and traditional food. You will get the cheapest souvenirs, blankets, clothes, bags and many more.

4. San Blas District 
On way back from Sacsayhuaman try not to miss the visit to San Blas district. It is famous for its architecture and picturesque streets. Many artists live there, so you will many artworks. The street is lined with souvenir shops, bars, restaurants and shops.

5. Cristo Blanco 
It is an 8 meters high statue of Jesus Christ. It was the gift from Christian Palestinians who were refuge in Cusco after World War II. Cristo Blanco-Cusco

6. Cathedral of Santo Domingo 
It is the first cathedral of Cusco and its construction started in 1560 and almost took 100 years to complete. It is built by the stones removed from Sacsayhuaman. The interior of cathedral has colonial gold and silver work and has collection of artworks. One of the famous artworks is The Last Supper by Marcos Zapata, where Jesus and his disciples are eating local guinea pig with a drink made from corn.

7. Planetarium 
The altitude of Cusco is 3.400 meters high, so you can conduct stars gazing. It is a place near the Sacsayhuaman, which offers the best view of stars.

8. Qorikancha 
Also known as “temple of Sun”, Court of Gold” was the religious, political and geographical center. All the walls once lined by 700 gold plates and also many gold statues. But it was ruined and made church on top.

9. Museo de Arte Precolombino 
12 exhibitions rooms filled with high-quality art work including gold items, Peruvian collections, carvings makes it best museum of Cusco.

10. Museo Inka 
It is a beautiful museum inside the old palace. The Incan culture, gold and metal items, pottery attracts the tourists. You can also buy traditional textiles and goods.

11. Inca Museum 
It is a big museum with 24 exhibition rooms. They have the best collection of carved wooden vessels, gold and silver mummies and idols, weapons and tools. They have the huge collection of Inca and Spanish culture. All the information is written in English and Spanish.

12. Chocolate Museum 
The entry to the museum is free and you can even taste some of the chocolates. They show videos, advertisements and also workshops about chocolate making processes. You can also get chance to make your own chocolate.

13. Nightlife 
You can get best bars, pubs, restaurants in your budget. Paddy’s Pub, Mama Africa, real McCoy, 7 Angelitos, mythology etc are the best ones.

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