Most Romantic Places in Paris (City of Love)

Paris is one of the most popular and romantic destinations in the world. Paris is popularly known as ‘city of love’ and ‘city of lights’ and it is famous for its beautiful art galleries, museums, culture and

Paris is the home of world’s famous designers, shopping centers and boutiques. Here is the list of some of the most attractive places in Paris you should definitely visit-

1. Eiffel tower 
The iconic symbol of the Paris, Eiffel tower is the world famous monument and masterpiece architecture. The tower is 307 meters long and constructed for 1889 World Exposition. You can take elevator to the first and second floor to see an incredible view of the city. You can also have dinner at first and second floor. The restaurants also provide windows seating to enjoy the view. Eiffel-tower

2. Notre-Dame de Paris 
Your trip to Paris is incomplete if you miss the visit to cathedral Notre Dame. Tourists are immediately attracted to the ornamental design of façade, flying buttresses, gargoyles, beautiful sculptures and assorted buskers. The interior has stained glass windows particularly rose windows. Every Saturday and Sunday the cathedral offers audiovisual show to inspire the visitors. The entry is free and show starts at 9.15p.m. Notre-Dame-de-Paris

3. Louvre Museum 
Louvre museum was the home of the France’s kings but now it’s a marvelous art museum. It has a signature glass pyramid at the entrance. The museum has more than 1 million objects and it also has world famous artwork of Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘Mona Lisa’, Greek statue Venus of Milo and many more. The Louvre museum is surrounded on one side by a beautiful park called Jardin des Tuileries.


4. Arc de Triomphe
Arc de Triomphe is one of the most photographed landmarks in the Paris. In 1806, Napoleon I ordered to construct this structure. It is 164 feet high and 148 feet wide and at the foot of the Arc de Triomphe is the ‘tomb of unknown soldier’ from the First World War. Arc de Triomphe

5. Jardin du Luxembourg 
It is the second largest park in the Paris and has large octagonal pond with a fountain in the center. It has hundreds of statues, lawns, fruit orchards, fountains and monuments.

Jardin du Luxembourg

6. Place de La Concorde
Place de La Concorde is the largest square in Paris and is one of the most beautiful squares in the city. It offers the sensational view of the Arc de Triomphe and Louvre. Place de La Concorde-Paris

7. Palais Garnier Opera House 
It is a 19thcentury architectural masterpiece and venue for opera and ballet performances. It has an incredible marble entrance staircase and beautiful ceiling painting by Chagall and offers the seat for 2,200 people. The eight sculptures representing allegorical figures- poetry, Idyll, music, recitation, drama, dance and song. The opera house also has a bookstore-boutique and restaurant serves French cuisine.

Palais Garnier Opera House

8. Musee d’Orsay
Musee d’Orsay is another must see place in Paris. The museum is converted from stunning railway station and has the extensive collections of impressionist paintings. It has the famous paintings like ‘Dinner at the Ball’ by Edgar Degas, ‘Ball at Moulin de la Galette’, ‘luncheon on the grass’, ‘Olympia’ by Edouard Manet and many more. It also has decorative paintings and photography.Musee d'Orsay

9. Centre Pompidou 
Centre Pompidou is an art and culture center. The main attraction of center Pompidou is the ‘National Museum of Modern Art’ which is the largest museum of modern art in Europe. It shows the extensive collection of contemporary art, bookshops and many more.

10. Parc de la Villette free open air cinema
You can spend your summer evening by watching free movie in the open air cinema at Parc de la Villette. You can enjoy it sitting on the grass or you can also choose for deckchair for some amount of money.

There are many more places which are not listed here like Pere Lachaise cemetery, square du Vert-Galat and you can also go for many fashion shows.

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