The Most Amazing Sites in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is the second most popular city in Brazil and attracts lots of tourists by its nature and famous landmarks. There are lots of beaches, parks, National Parks, historical buildings and many

Here are the best attractions of the city which you should not miss-

1. Christ The Redeemer 
It is a world famous monument of Jesus Christ erected between 1922 and 1931. The landmark is 38 meters high and located at Corcovado Mountain. To reach the feet of the statue there are glass elevators and escalators. It provides the mesmerizing view of the city and the mountains. Christ The Redeemer-rio

2. Sugar Loaf Mountain 
The mountain is about 394 meters above the harbor and is an important historical and natural landmark of the city. The 360-degree view of the city from the peak is breathtaking. To reach the mountain you need to take the cable car, it is two stops journey. There are cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy the coffee and food. Best time to visit the mountain is sunset. Sugar Loaf Mountain-Rio

3. Ipanema Beach 
It is famous white sand beach where you can enjoy surfing, volleyball, soccer and many more. The beach is surrounded by famous art galleries, restaurants, theaters, craft shops and others. Ipanema Beach-Rio

4. Rio de Janeiro Theater 
It is a Parisian style theater with stunning architecture and decorations. The interior of the theater is beautiful and most of the decorations are of gold, onyx and bronze. The concert hall chandelier is very attractive. Tours are available if you are interested in architecture and history of the theater.

5. Escadaria Selarón 
It is set of colorful steps connecting The Santa Teresa and Lapa neighborhoods. It was made by Chilean artist, Jorge Selarón. There were steps in front of his home and it was ruined, so he started covering mosaic by blue, yellow and green tiles. It drew the attention of many tourists and they started bringing him pottery and tiles from all over the world. It is 250 steps and has pieces of around 60 countries. Escadaria-Selarón-Rio

6. Santa Teresa Neighborhood 
The district is set upon the hill and is known for convent of Santa Teresa and church. It has cafes and restaurants where intellectual artists and designers gather. The streets are quiet and lead you to lovely views. Visit the museums, church and the cultural center.

7. Paqueta Island 
Pacqueta Island lies in Guanabara Bay and the only way to reach there by boat and explore the place by foot, bicycle or by horse cart. You can explore beaches, old building and enjoy the beauty in peace. Paqueta Island-Rio

8. Botanical Garden 
It is big botanical garden which has more than 8,000 different plant species. The lake filled with lilies, rows of palm trees and 600 species of orchids are best attractions of the garden.

9. Lapa Neighborhood 
Lapa is famous for nightlife and bars. It is the home to many famous artists. There are many clubs where you can learn the famous Samba dance and the music are also very good which will definitely make you dance.

10. Copacabana Beach 
It is the most amazing and tourists favorite beach in Rio de Janeiro. There are famous buildings like Copacabana Palace, Museum of History of the Army and other. The beach has many bars, restaurants and you can enjoy water sports, swimming and sunbathing. Copacabana Beach-rio

11. Carnival 
Don’t miss the most famous carnival celebration which starts after New Year. The spectacular parade of samba schools held at Sambodromo Stadium. There are many street parades, street dances and shows. Carnival_rioIlha Fiscal, library called ‘Real Gabinete Português de Leitura’; Tijuca National Park are also great places must be visited.

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