Best Places to See in Rome (The Eternal City)

Rome is full of historical and religious sites including museums, galleries, fountains, monuments, statues, best bars and restaurants. It’s very difficult to choose the best places you should visit in Rome.


It’s impossible to visit all tourist attractions in few days or months. So we have the best places that you should not miss if you are visiting Rome-

1. The Colosseum 
Once it was the largest amphitheatre in the Empire, it has the capacity of more than 50,000 people. It is the best architectural masterpiece of Romans which is decorated with marbles and stones. The Colosseum was used for entertainments purposes like fights of gladiators, lions and criminals.The Colosseum-rome

2. Trevi Fountain 
You must have seen this fountain in any of the movies; it is famous for throwing coins in the water. The tradition of throwing coins assures your return to Rome again. It is Rome’s largest fountain and was made in 1762. The fountain has the mythological sculpture of Neptune, god of the sea with horses and two Tritons.rome-Trevi-Fountain

3. Vatican Museums 
Vatican City is the smallest independent state in the world. It has the world-class museums which have the largest collection of Italian masterpieces like Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel artwork on ceiling, Egyptian mummies, sculptures, spiral staircase, Raphael rooms and many more.Vatican Museums

4. Pantheon 
Pantheon is the best preserved building of Rome; it was built in 126 AD. It was served as temple but now converted into church. Pantheon has large domed roof which has oculus at the peak. The entry is free of cost and it is a must-see monument of Rome. Pantheon-rome

5. Roman Forum 
Roman forum introduces you to the ancient Rome. It was the center of celebrations, elections, funerals, rituals, markets, public There are many historic building like The Temple of Saturn, Arc of Titus, the Temple of Antoninus and Faustina, the temple of Caesar and many more.Roman Forum

6. Spanish Steps 
It is one of the most famous tourist attractionsThere 138 steps of staircase from Spanish Embassy to the Holy See. The place always full of energy, full of people and always beautiful. You can click amazing photos and admire the view of city.Spanish-Steps-rome

7. Galleria Borghese 
It is an art gallery with mesmerizing interior as well as exterior. The gallery has the famous paintings by Raphael, Rubens, Correggio; sculptures and other antique collections.Galleria Borghese

8. Piazza Navona 
It is one of the most famous and beautiful squares of the Rome. The square has 3 fountains and is surrounded by buildings. You can enjoy coffee, street shows and shopping.Piazza Navona

9. Campo de’Fiori 
South to Piazza Navona, there is a famous marketplace where you can buy fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, flower and many more. At night it is common place for college students. There are many restaurants, pubs, bars which are open late night.

10. Castel Sant’Angelo 
It was originally designed as mausoleum for Emperor Hadrian but was turned into castle. It was military outpost and then prison but now it serves as a museum. You can see Renaissance paintings, antiques, military weapons and sculptures. Castel Sant'Angelo-rome

11. Palatine hill 
It is considered to be the place where Rome was founded. It is linked to the Roman mythology. You should visit there and learn about the history and origin of Rome.

12. Victor Emmanuel II Monument 
It was built in honor of King Victor Emmanuel as a mark of Italy unity. It is about 80 meters high and 120 meters wide, it looks immense. It has two museums which have many collections dedicated to the history of Italy. It also includes documents, coins, flags, photographs etc.Victor Emmanuel II Monument

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