What to See in Tokyo (The Land of Rising Sun)

Tokyo, also called The Land of Rising Sun, is the capital of Japan and is one of the world’s largest cities. It is also called one of the world’s expensive cities.tokyo

The culture of the Tokyo is totally different from rest of the world. The museums, festivals, theaters, sumo wrestling, dramas of Tokyo attracts the tourists most. Here are the most popular things you can do and places you can visit in Tokyo-

1. Meiji Shrine 
It is one of the most famous temples of Tokyo. It was dedicated to the spirit of Emperor Meiji and his wife Empress Sh?ken. It is surrounded by old evergreen forest and has the architecture of Japan. The shrine has Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery which shows the life of emperor and his wife. You can also visit treasure museum which has the collection of emperor’s treasure.

2. Ueno Park 
Ueno Park is built on the lands of the former temple and it is city’s largest green space. It is mostly visited when cherry trees are in bloom. The street has more than thousand trees and it leads to the national museum. The park has so many different attractions like Ueno Zoo which is Japan’s oldest zoo, Shinobazu Pond where you can do boating, museums and many more. Ueno-Park-tokyo

3. Nakamise Street 
Nakamise Street is one of the oldest shopping centers in Japan. The street leads to the oldest temple called Sensoji temple. The entrance of the temple has Thunder gate with hanging lamps. You can buy souvenirs, local traditional snacks, folding fans and lots of things.

4. The Kabuki-za Theatre
The theaters of Tokyo are totally different and amazing. The Kabuki-za theater is famous for the Kabuki performance. They wear colorful costume and mask. They express their character and after each performance, there would be a small orchestra. The performance is for more than 4 hours but you can leave early if you want. Kabuki-za-Theatre-tokyo

5. The Tokyo Skytree 
The tower is 634 meters tall and is the tallest tower in Japan. It has primarily television and radio broadcast. It has two observation decks- one at 350 meters and other at 450 meters. They have the glass spiral walkway and glass floor if you want to go to the higher point. They have shopping malls, restaurants, aquarium and museum. Tokyo Skytree

6. Tokyo Disneyland 
Tokyo Disneyland is the combination of Disneyland in California and Magical Kingdom at Walt Disney world. You can enjoy Pooh’s Hunny Hunt, star tour ride, space mountain ride, haunted mansion ride where you will meet ancient ghosts and many more exciting rides. They also have Disney hotels, shopping malls, dining and entertainment. Tokyo-Disneyland

7. Ryogoku Kokugikan 
It is a national sumo hall built in 1909. If you are a sumo wrestler fan then this is the place for you. They have 3 grand 15 days tournaments in January, May and September. You can go and watch actions of the sumo. At around 3-4 pm, the hall is fully packed with excited crowd and then comes the sumo wrestlers. You should pre-book the tickets if you are planning to go on Friday and Saturday. You can also watch parade where sumo wrestlers wear ceremonial clothes and sometimes shows classical moves.

8. Roppongi 
Roppongi is famous among foreigners for nightlife. It has nightclubs, restaurants, bars, shopping malls and luxurious hotels. They have the varieties of food including pizza, sushi, kebabs and many more at cheap price.

If you like to visit museum then National Museum of Nature and Science, Tokyo National Museum, National Museum of Western Art and The National Art Center are the best museums of all.

There is a hello kitty theme park called Sanrio Puroland. You can see the live performances and can meet kitty.

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