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Yoga and Spiritualism


Types Of Spirit Guides and How To Contact Them

There are many spirit guides who work behind the scenes and curtains without our knowledge.....Read More

Looking for Answers about Existence and Passing from Ghost

Passing of ghost is the greatest question otherworldly existence endeavors to reply. A few people look for answers.....Read More

Is There a Contrast amongst Precognition and This feels Familiar?

Precognition and a sensation that this has happened before, are not the slightest bit, like each other.....Read More

Things Worth Thinking About Recognizable Spirits

The presence of natural spirits, regularly basically called familiars, has been connected with witches and tricky people. How Do Well-known Spirits Work? ....Read More

Penmanship and Its Relation with Human Identity

Penmanship examination graphology is a logical train to evaluate human’s identity. It is said that a man's past has an effect on his penmanship.....Read More

Psychic Significance of Quality Aura

An aura is depicted as an enlightened radiation around a man that might be shaded. Here are some psychic significances of human aura. ....Read More

Psychic Revelation of Seeing Auras and Know the Real Nature of Human

Auras are accepted to be the electro-photonic vibrations of different frequencies and are identified with our cognizant exercises. A few people have the capacity to see a man's aura.....Read More

Taking Care of Your Soul

Soul is a living thing that needs sustain, care and consideration. Soul is an internal marvel, which is our work to keep up.....Read More

The Science behind Sacred Word Om

The sacred word “OM” is generally considered as a religious symbol of Hinduism. The word OM has scientific meaning as it is a part of the universe. ....Read More

The Immortality of Human Soul: Associating with Soul

The demise of the human body is not the end as human soul is immortal. Reincarnation is one such thing which proves immortality of cell. ....Read More

Telekinesis: The Psychic Power of Moving Things with Brain

This uncommon capacity of moving things by utilizing the energy of the brain is frequently named as Telekinesis. Move things with psychic power Sounds unusual.....Read More

Spirit Guide as an Animal

A spirit guide is someone who supports us, provides us strength and help us on communication. Yes, it is true spirit guides can be animals.....Read More

Mysticism and Spiritualism in Today's World

Spiritualism is a conviction that focuses on persistent life while Mysticism is a belief of being spiritual to get united with the ultimate divine and to know the meaning of life.....Read More

Spirit Guides and Their Effect on Our Life

A spirit guide is an angel. A spirit guide is someone who understands your conditions and assigned to guide in every aspect of life.....Read More

Samadhi: A True Way of Life

Sama means balance and Adhi mean intelligence. Meditation is the form of Samadhi which helps the body to feel free and understand the true way of life.....Read More

What are Extraordinary Spheres? Is It Real?

Are Extraordinary Spheres a paranormal wonder? Some trust that extraordinary spheres are simply the methods by which spirits show.....Read More

Psychic Surgery: Is Psychic Surgery Genuine?

Psychic surgery as a surgical technique which is performed by exposed hands, rather than surgical instruments like surgical blade and hemostat.....Read More

What is Out of Body Experience? Is It Real?

In Out Body Experience your soul can leave your body anytime anywhere and get to travel the whole world around you in any dimension. ....Read More

Meaning of Different Cards While doing Tarot Perusing

Tarot Perusing is a method of looking into one’s past, present and future using playing cards. Let us see which card signifies what. ....Read More

Fortune Telling with Playing Cards: How it's done

If a fortune card is flashed for him, its trailing traditions will influence one’s life. Fortune telling with playing cards depends on choosing of right card. ....Read More

Shadow People and Their Reality

Shadow individuals are said to be shadow-like animals of otherworldly birthplace which show up as dim structures in the peripheries of individual’s vision.....Read More

Buddhist Mudras- Hand Gestures in Buddhism

In Buddhism and Hinduism, many Mudras are known which symbolize special meaning. Buddha and Bodhisattvas show different poses of hand called as Mudras.....Read More

What is Near Death Experience?

Near-death experience is a psychological event that occurs to a person who is close to death or is in a situation where he is mentally or physically upset and hurt. ....Read More

What is Fortune Telling? Methods of Fortune Telling

Fortune telling is a routine with regards to foreseeing one's future. Fortune telling is not a correct science as there is no scientific explanation to all these fortune telling methods. ....Read More

A Tempting Knowledge about Paranormal Movement

The meaning of paranormal action is any heavenly occasion that is opposed by human encounters that don't hold any logical base. ....Read More

Twin Telepathy: Is Twin Telepathy Real?

Telepathy is the channelizing of considerations or emotions between people by methods for para-brain science. Twin telepathy happens between twins. ....Read More

What is Palm Perusing? Facts about Palm Perusing

Palm Perusing began many years ago. Palm perusing says our palm lines decide how our life will turn out based on the bend, the slanting and the way of the line are accepted. ....Read More

What is Past Life Relapse?

Past Life Relapse is recollecting memories of past lives with a specific reason or aim which are generally unexplainable.....Read More

What is Spiritual or Soul Guide?

We as a whole have soul or spiritual guides. Soul aides are basically spirits appointed to help you on your spirit travel in this lifetime.....Read More

What is Paranormal? Facts about Paranormal Activity

Paranormal are those activities which cannot be scientifically explained, which are beyond the normal life. Some unknown facts about paranormal activity are listed.....Read More

What is Soul Companion and Soul Mate?

We look for a partner who is similar to us. We call them the perfect partner or in a broader term soul mate with whom we love investing our energy.....Read More

Best Tips to Meditate Properly

Meditation makes us free from scattered thoughts and different patterns. Here are some tips, applying which will help you to meditate properly. ....Read More

Realms of Manifesting Reality through Meditation

Manifestation is usually a powerful tool to accelerate your spiritual development and bring balance into all spheres of life.Meditation indeed is the gateway towards manifestation.....Read More

The Ultimate Purpose of Human Life

Life is basically an aspect of existence that enquires about social ties , pursuits of well-being, happiness and related conception of morality. Know the ultimate purpose of life.....Read More

Destress Yourself by Sudarshan kriya Yoga

Scientist have discovered that practicing Sudarshan kriya yoga on a regular basis has the power to completely treat the person who suffers from depression and anxiety.....Read More

How to Live a Happier life: Secrets of being Happy

In the era of growing materialistic needs there are lots of stressful pressure that really ruins out the glamorous moments of our life. Controlling anger and converting the negative aspects of life to positivity is an initial step towards leading a happier life to enjoy the real essence of life.....Read More

How meditation can help you to live a peaceful life? The benefits of meditation

Meditation is a devotional practice leading to deep contemplation in which the mind becomes attentive enough in becoming thoughtless .....Read More