Spirit Guide as an Animal

Spirit guide is someone who supports us, provides us strength and help us on communication. Is this true that a spirit guide can be an animal?spirit-animal

Yes, it is true spirit guides can be animals. It is believed that some people can feel their spirit guides in animals. Many people experience seeing a particular animal as a messenger or omen. Let’s just find out what they are?

How to discover your spirit animal?

Animals, especially spirit animals, are believed to possess or hold some special skills, traits, quality and. Do you ever hear sometimes your parent’s or your friends do call you by a particular animal’s name which relates to your characteristics?
Animals hold traits wisdom that we are supposed to acquire, learn and understand in our journey.
Have you ever heard of shamanism? Shamans are initiated by themselves or by others to practice the rituals, ceremonies in spiritual encounters. It is one of the main cultures which states and uses spirit animals in order to enhance the growth of spiritualism development.
On this earth, we all are connected with each and everything which surrounds us but sometimes we can feel a strong bond or an affinity to a particular animal.

Ways To Find Your Spirit Animals? Here are some suggestions

1. Animal Wisdom 
Animals are very useful for us. They hold a different symbol in society and our culture. Once in our lifetime period, we feel connected with particular animals and they can provide a clue as to what animal may be your spirit guide. According to SHARMANIC CULTURE, here are some examples of animal wisdom-

  • Hummingbird – Independence, happiness, lifting up negativity, being more present, enjoyment of life, resiliency, swiftness.
  • Jaguar – Psychic insight, fearless, empowerment, see direction within chaos.
  • Orca – Have vibrational energy to heal, can see the unseen, they free the soul from the physical world.
  • Crow – They support ethical behavior, freely movements, honors ancestors, carry soul from darkness into light or helps in choosing the right path.
  • Mountain lion – Use power wisely, ego – free, free of guilt, gaining self- confidence.
  • Wolf – Taking advantage of change, spiritual teaching, death, and rebirth, ability to pass the unseen.

2. Your spirit animal chooses you 
Yes, you heard it right you don’t choose your spirit animal rather it chooses you. Our spirit animal can change depending on what is going on in our life. Spirit animals present themselves to you often, when you start a new journey or chapter in life.

3. Given if you ask 
It is also very beneficial, asking for your spirit guide to present itself to you. If you spend time in nature and environment and observe animals and their behaviors, it can also help you in getting closer to your answer. The more you “seek” the connection, the less likely you will be open to receiving it.

4. Dream Time 
Animals often turn up in your dreams, manifesting energy which could very well point you in the direction of your spirit animal.

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