How Meditation can Help you to Live a Peaceful Life? The Benefits of Meditation

Meditation is a devotional practice leading to deep contemplation in which the mind becomes attentive enough in becoming thoughtless . meditationBeing thoughtless while sitting in a correct posture by simply closing the eyes would slowly transcend and establish a co-ordial link with the body and mind with the infinite intelligence. Here the infinite intelligence refers to the universe through which the “cosmic energies” flows through the body when there is a proper union of body and mind, such a blissful state is called meditative state and the art of performing it with mastery is called Meditation. Meditation has a rich essence of Indian heritage and also the gift of ancient Indian sages like “Maharishi Patanjali” the pioneer of Ayurveda and yoga. Practicing meditation helps in achieving individuality and vitality which brings within oneself the inherent extra-ordinary capabilities of farsightedness thoughts, views and also improves the working capacities of a person without getting tired. Performing Meditation should be an integral part of human being as it has numerous benefits for the mankind.

Increases willpower

Mastering the meditation process increases self determination, fosters creativity and working capabilities which in turns increases the willpower. And at all circumstances procrastination is avoided.

Long term meditation generates gamma waves in the brain

In a study with Buddhist monks, conducted by neuroscientist Richard Davidson of the university of Wisconsin, it was found that beginner meditators showed a slight increase in gamma activity, but the monks who regularly practised meditation showed a large increase in gamma activity that has never been reported before in neuroscience history.

Brings joyfulness

Practicing meditation effectively and regularly each and every cell of human being functions at its best, which leads to a deeper level of relaxation by providing a feeling of ecstasy in human being which brings joyfulness to human life.

Removes hypertension

When the cosmic energies from the universe flows and enters the body during meditative states it increases the tolerance level, mental stability, increases the blood circulation and improves the metabolic activities which in turn reduces and cures hypertension. It also lowers the level of blood lactate that reduces anxiety attack, stress and depression.

Meditation influence genes that regulates stress

A study from Harvard Medical School demonstrates that after practicing meditation, the individuals had enhanced mitochondrial energy production, consumption and flexibility. This improvement develops a better resilience to stress.

Enhances immune system

Meditation boosts the auto immune system in living beings. Research has revealed that meditation increases “natural killer cells”, which kills bacteria and cancer cells. It also reduces the activity of virus and helps to prevent chronic diseases in human beings.

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