Buddhist Mudras- Hand Gestures in Buddhism

In Buddhism and Hinduism, many Mudras are known which symbolize special meaning. Buddha and Bodhisattvas show different poses of hand called as Mudras. Every mudra has different meaning. Here are some popular and interesting Buddhist Mudras.buddhist-mudras

Right-Hand Gestures

1. Gesture of Protection – It is also known as ”gesture of fearlessness” or ‘blessing poses’. This pose is made by showing palm facing outside and fingers upward to sky. The arm is little bit bent. This pose or gesture can be made by both left and right hand.

2. Gesture of Argument – It is also known as ‘debate or discussion’ Mudra. In this mudra, thumb will attach to the tip of index finger forming a circle between them and others fingers facing the sky.

3. Gesture of Witness – It is also known as ”touching the earth” Mudra. Right arm hangs down on the right knee. Palm facing inside, fingers facing downward to earth. Left hand on the thigh palm facing inward.

4. Gesture of Charity – It is also known as ”compassion or grace” Mudra. In this pose, arm is extended down and palm is faced outside.

5. Gesture of Ascetic – It is also known as ”renunciation” Mudra. The arm has position away from body and palm facing downward. This symbolizes the renunciation of temporal pleasures.

6. Gesture of Understanding – The position of arm, thumb is attached to the index finger and the palm is faced downward. This gesture also symbolizes by spiritual understanding.

7. Gesture of Threatening – It is also known as ”Warning” Mudra. The position of the arm, index finger is raised towards the front side and rest fingers rolled inside and the palm is faced downside.

8. Gesture of Banishing – This gesture also called ”gesture repels evil”. The position of arm, index and little finger of hand is raised on the front side and palm turned forward. The thumb presses the middle and ring finger.

9. Gesture beyond Misery – It is also called ascetics pose of renunciation. The position of arm and wrist faces backward and palm faces upwards to the sky.

10. Homage Gesture – In this pose arm is bent facing the earth and fingers facing in front.

11. Lion Gesture – The position of arm, thumb attach to both middle and ring fingers. And index and little finger are extended upward to the sky.

12. Knowledge of Gesture – Position of arm, thumb and index finger are attached, other fingers extended in front. The arm is placed in front of chest.

13. Strife Gesture – Position of arm, thumb is attached to the tip of ring finger and other finger facing the sky.

Left-hand Gestures

  • Leisure Gesture
  • Lotus holding Gesture

There are also gestures which are made by two hands namely

Meditation Gesture – Meditation by crossing two hands like holding a bowl in Palm

Other Gestures include Teaching Gesture, Perfection Gesture, Nectar Sprinkling Gesture, Praying Gesture and Jewel Holding Gesture.

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