What is Fortune Telling? Methods of Fortune Telling

Have you at any point been to a crystal gazer? Has he anticipated your future? Here you will take in about fortune telling in various parts of the world.fortune-tell

Human wants to uncover everything that is hidden. He has a quenchless hunger for settling puzzles. He longs to know the questions and chases for the concealed truths of life. Fortune is one such thing that a human personality aches for however, it is strikingly the thing that can never be known ahead of time. One can become more acquainted with your future just in future! Be that as it may, with the inclination to unfurl secrets of life, man embarks to know his fortune. He needs to know his fortune. Fortune telling is a routine with regards to foreseeing one’s future.


It is rehearsed with the assistance of supernatural forces and now and again with the reason for business pick up. It is frequently consolidated with divination, the religious routine with regards to foreseeing the future by translating signs.

Techniques of Fortune Telling

In America and Europe, techniques like ‘astromancy’, ‘horary crystal gazing’ and soul board perusing are utilized for fortune telling. Astromancy is gotten from crystal gazing. In horary crystal gazing, the celestial prophet outlines the horoscope for the time at which he got the question and constructs his expectations with respect to it. A soul board or an Ouija board is a board printed with letters, names or images. A marker indicating it should answer questions put by individuals. Cartomancy and tarot perusing take the assistance of cards to anticipate the future while crystallomancy depends on perusing from a gem circle. Palmistry, otherwise called cheiromancy, is another basic strategy for fortune telling in Europe and America. In the African-American culture, fortune telling without the assistance of any gadgets is well known. The soothsayer is accepted to get signs from some heavenly forces.

In Asian nations, fortune telling is honed through an assortment of techniques. Palm perusing partners the lines of the palm with various parts of life. The shape and size of the palm and the fingers additionally decide a man’s fortune. Confront perusing constructs fortune telling in light of the facial elements. As per a specific hypothesis, the upper segment of the face symbolizes the adolescent, the center bit, the middle age and the lower partition, the seniority. In Kau Cim of China, a bamboo chamber is shaken bringing about an incense stick leaving the barrel. The characters that are engraved on this stick connote fortune. In Western nations, this strategy is called ‘Chi-Chi sticks’.

A few strategies of fortune telling base their forecasts on numerology. In numerology, the numbers that constitute the birth date of a man are accepted to effect his/her fortune. Different types of fortune telling depend on the conduct of creatures. In a few societies, felines are held in high regard. Their activities are translated as signs about what’s to come. For instance, if a feline wheeze, it is said to rain or a dark feline intersection somebody’s way means that misfortune. A few societies consider winds as delegates of God. Graphology is another strategy of anticipating one’s future. It is the technique for deciphering one’s fortune from his/her penmanship. It is principally used to decide character attributes, however, can likewise be used in anticipating one’s future.

The Chinese society regards soothsayers, who instruct individuals about the significant choices with respect to life. In Africa, the act of fortune telling is not restricted. Individuals frequently counsel crystal gazers. In the Western nations, ladies usually look for soothsayers for direction about their fates. It is honed in various structures in various parts of the world.

It is not a correct science. It constructs itself with respect to pseudosciences, for example, crystal gazing. It is somewhat an arrangement of convictions. It is dependent upon you whether to construct your choices in light of what crystal gazers say or on your basic leadership abilities.

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