Best Tips to Meditate Properly

Meditation is awareness of us by us. In this new era of technologies, we get update about everything, our houses, jobs, money, weather, natural climate, etc. but we skip the most important thing which is what we want from us, what is our ultimate goal.meditate

Our minds are always full of competition, tension, stress, etc. but we forget about peace of our self. This is why we need meditation, it makes us free from scattered thoughts and different patterns. When we listen to our inner soul, when we start to know our self, we learn to control our self, is meditation.

Meditation has lot of benefits which are scientifically proven like, Improve blood circulation, Lower blood pressure, Slower respiratory rate, Low blood cortisol level, Feelings of well-being, Less stress and Deep relaxation.

A continuous practice of meditation has long term effects on our life, brain and immune system. For getting all of these benefits, it is very necessary to do meditation in right way. Here are some tips, applying which will lead you to a happier and satisfied life gradually.

1. Environment 
The most important thing you should notice for place of meditation is your environment. Choose a silent place where there is no voice or just the natural environment like parks, your room. Where you can concentrate, it should not be done in very noisy place. Choose places which give you freshness.

2. Time
You can do meditation at any time of the day but it is more advisable to do it in very morning. In morning fresh air blows, environment is silent, and there are less sounds of vehicles.

3. Posture
Sit on the floor or on chair with leg crossed. Make your spine upright, and head up. Mind and body are interrelated with each other. We can balance our body we can also balance our mind. Don’t seat in lazy position. Think great about you and imagine your body a connection between earth and the sky.

4. Eyes
If you are new at it, you should close your eyes, it will help in concentrating at a single point. Closing your eyes will give you more effective thoughts.

5. The breath
Make your breath as normal as you can. Give proper air to your lungs and let it reach to the every point in the body. Pay attention to your breathing pattern. Feel the air going in and out through your lungs, bronchi and nose.

6. Count silently
You can count your breath silently if you have difficulties in settling. Count till thirty-three and come back and start with one again. It will keep you away from other scattered thoughts.

7. Focus
Place your focus on only one thing, stop your mind scattering in different directions. Focus on something which is very simple like imagine a dot in front of your eyes. Focus on breath you are taking. You can also use your imagination to something like pure water and cold ice. Focusing on these things will make your mind cool and relaxed.

8. Thoughts
Don’t stop your brain from thoughts but think them as uninvited guests and let them go. They are none of your use during meditation.

9. Emotions
You should be emotionless during meditation. If you are struggling with high-intensity emotions it will be hard to meditate. Avoid the emotions like anger, shame and fear. Focus your brain on body feelings and leave your emotions outside of your brain.

10. Length of meditation
You should start with 10 minutes with gradually increasing after some time. It can depend on how you feel. If it is comfortable to sit for half an hour you can do it.

11. Enjoy the whole process
Be kind to yourself and always put a smile on your face. Enjoying your meditation is very necessary.

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