How to Live a Happier life: Secrets of being Happy

In the era of growing materialistic needs there are lots of stressful pressure that really ruins out the glamorous moments of our life. Controlling anger and converting the negative aspects of life to positivity is an initial step towards leading a happier life to enjoy the real essence of life. girl-happy

Life is a Rosebush
Life is not a bed of roses. Rather, life is full of problem, some of them thornful indeed, but the way of interpreting the problem should always be such that you are satisfied, content and happier. Since ” A coin has two faces” so at all times accept, conclude or interpret the matter such that you are not hurt. As always remember that it’s your life and it’s your duty to keep yourself happier, hence always manipulate the incidents in your favour so that you feel happier. Practicing and adopting such habits, one could grow well and become rich internally with good psychological mood balance.

Secrets of becoming happier…

Always develop a nature to forgive and forget. Don’t try to carry hurts given to you by others. As carrying hurts you always carry years of agony, jealous and heartburns from each other. Thus always develop a habit of forgiving and forgetting by flushing out the irrelevant matter from your mind within a minute, nurturing which you could achieve happiness in your life.

Change yourself 
Like many other never ever try to change others by saying that – I tried to change my daughters, son, wife, parents etc. Because always remember that you can’t change others because each and every person have different sets of behaviour, character and habits. So it’s better to change yourself for achieving happiness and prosperity.

Learn from mistakes 
Mistakes are valuable feedback to rectify oneself. According to famous Indian philosopher, jurist, teacher and economist “Acharya chanakya” we should always learn from others mistake too. As learning from oneself mistakes the human life would be too shorter to learn. Thus learning from mistakes and conducting good deeds is one of the most fundamental principal of becoming happier.

Practicing gratitude 
Practicing gratitude means appreciating, being thankful to all those useful things, peoples whose influence are always there in our lifes. And always respecting elders, appreciating others, conducting noble deeds etc will increase the joyfulness and righteousness in the behaviour within oneself which would be quite helpful in achieving happiness.

Meditate: Reconstruct the mind for happiness

Practicing meditation is often considered as an important habit for improving focus, clarity, attention, individuality, vitality as well as it helps in keeping you calm and cool in critical circumstances too, which in turn proves so much essential for being happier.

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