Realms of Manifesting Reality through Meditation


Manifestation is usually a powerful tool to accelerate your spiritual development and bring balance into all spheres of life. It is greatly useful in the reality of experiencing life by developing skills and character traits. The basic constituents of all the living and nonliving beings even your own body and mind is the energy. And if you are capable of varying the energy levels in your body through meditation then there could be a great change in the reality of your life.

Manifestation is a slow and transcending process which generally occurs in living beings and is directly responsible for any sorts of upliftment in the courage, will, hope and determination of living creatures. Meditation indeed is the gateway towards manifestation a slow but a progressive change in your subconscious mind which affects the conscious state of work performance. As we all know that the divine force which affluence the aspect of our life is not discrete it’s permeating all in the same ratio throughout the universe. You are not required to read holy scripture and text to be conscious the only thing you need is to do study your inner conscience to inculcate good deeds and action through your behaviour.

For example, if you eat a mango you instantly enjoy the deliciousness of it. But if you sow a mango seed it usually takes 5-6 years to bear fruit. Similarly, there are few outcomes whose accomplishment are immediate but there are some with the delayed outcome. Thus practicing and mastering meditation usually takes a long time rather be specific – it’s a journey of inner engineering which takes place within you that can’t be expressed but easily felt and realised. It’s basically a realisation of increased potential of capacity, capability, and creativity that in turn leads to influence the reality of life, i.e., the present state of being of an individual.

In the spiritual way of dealing life, it’s a known fact that everything emerges out from the consciousness of the spirit which is only attained and is achievable through meditation. Meditation is generally a transcending process which is the ultimate path which leads to manifestation in any human being. Indeed it’s right to say and preach that ” Everything manifests in reality when you meditate”.

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