What is Near Death Experience?

Near-death experience is a psychological event that may occur to a person who is close to death or about to die or not close to die but is in a situation where he is mentally or physically upset and hurt. In this experience, a person is either clinically dead or in a situation where he is close to death. These situations can be, physically ill, hit by a car, attack, etc.near-death

If you have heard of the term “coma”, it is exactly one such condition which can define this experience.

Some people after experiencing this event, come back to life with a goal and by knowing their purpose of lives. Overall, this experience is ineffable – that is unexplainable, which can’t be explained in some words.

A point of indescribable light glows around the subject, which surrounds him and he starts observing him in dark with some brilliant light which is not painful.

The near death experience contains powerful emotions and images, with a sign of peace and love though sometimes guilt, terror depending on your deeds.

There are different features and characteristics included

  • Knowledge of nature of universe
  • Dark beam light taking you on the right path
  • sense of being outside physical body
  • Sense of movement through a dark tunnel
  • Intense emotions
  • Intense colors
  • Different landscapes
  • Encounter with deceased loved ones
  • A life review
  • The sense of having knowledge of future
  • Messages and perception regarding the purpose of life
  • A border of no return

CHARACTERISTIC of Near Death Experiences
Most Near Death Experiences are felt to be pleasing and loving, however, some are felt to be stressful and disturbing.
Each Near Death Experience is unique, but still, they share some common characteristics-

  • Intense emotion, of love, well-being, peace, others marked by fear, loss, terror
  • Sometimes moving to other places and watching out of body experience
  • Movement through darkness or a dark tunnel, indescribable light.
  • Being in a totally different world, in a landscape such as a spiritual realm or world
  • Sharp thinking, rapid thinking, and observation
  • Encounter with a deceased or loved ones, or unrecognized beings
  • Overview of life.
  • Decision of returning to the body

The major characteristic of psychological changes includes, loss of fear of death, increased belief in spiritualism and disbelief in religions, can easily get engaged in abstract thinking and work, becomes more philosophical, more generous, less competitive, convinced of a life purpose, sensation of taste-touch-smell-texture increases etc.

THERE are 4 different phases of this experience such as described below:-

1. Disassociated, because once this experience occurs, person feels no longer attachment with the physical body

2. Naturalistic, in this phase they become more aware of the natural surroundings and environment than before.

3. Supernatural, as long as they enter this phase they are no longer consider to be a part of this natural world.

4. Return, this final phase is considered to be the returning phase, where they themselves choose whether they want to return or not.

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