The Science behind Sacred Word Om

The sacred word “OM” is generally considered as a religious symbol of Hinduism. But, OM is much more than this. The word OM was originated in the Vedic period and very much mentioned in Hindu mythologies. The word OM has very deep meaning as it is a part of the

The Word OM and the Universe 
The frequency of OM, when chanted clearly, is 432 hertz. And to your surprise, the same frequency is found in the universe frequently. The vibration of OM is somehow a part of this universe. Many theories state that when the universe was formed the frequency emitted was much like the word OM. The whole universe is in motion and pulsating with some frequency. Just think many parts of the universe is vibrating at the same frequency of OM. Isn’t that amazing?
In Vedas it is mentioned, the vibration of OM is same as that of the creation of this Brahmand (Universe). The sound of OM is called as Pranava which means OM is a part of life and runs through our breath.

The Sound of OM 
The word OM is pronounced as “AUM”. All sound produced by us are within the beginning of our tongue and ends at the lips. So, scientifically the word OM comprises of all sound in a language.
If you chant OM like “AUM”, the letter A starts at the beginning of tongue and ends with M which happens in our lips. So, actually, all audible sound in the universe is diversified from the word OM.

Benefit of Chanting OM 
OM has a great effect on your health, psychology and your spiritual life. Just follow some astonishing effects of the word OM.

  • Chanting OM increases your blood circulation and feels your body full of energy.
  • Studies say chanting OM helps to keep your anger in control. OM is a yogic practice which will help you to release stress and make you relaxed.
  • When you chant OM, your mouth, throat and abdomen muscles are involved. The vibrations produced in these muscles will make you young, fresh and full of positivity.
  • The Ayurveda Science tells chanting of OM helps to fight many diseases by increasing your body immunity.
  • OM is a part of the spiritual development of human being. Chanting OM in a peaceful environment will make you feel that you are a part of this universe. Your body will feel free and weightless.
  • OM has a great impact on your concentration. While meditating just chant OM, it will definitely increase your concentration.

Beyond fiction, OM is really a sacred part of our life. Just to prove, chant OM for 3 minutes daily while sitting in the meditating pose for 10 days and enjoy the difference.

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