What is Out of Body Experience? Is It Real?

It’s all about consciousness when we dream when we go out of our sleep where exactly we reach? Is it real?out-body-experience

In other words, out of body experiences are also known as ” ASTRAL PROJECTION “. In simple words what it means is that “your soul can leave your body anytime anywhere and get to travel the whole world around you in any dimension”. And when you are traveling your soul can meet with any person regardless of his/her vibrational frequency “higher or lower “.

There is always a lifeline back in your body which is known as “cord”. When your soul leaves your body, it is always attached to this cord which helps you bring back to your original place. But once you die, this cord become detached and allowing your soul to become lifetime free from your physical body.

Does anybody know why we want to have these out of body experiences?

No, ok let us have an answer to this question. To put it in a simple way, we want to have these experiences, “to have direct experience of the spiritual and metaphysical world”.

“We are spiritual beings having a physical experience” this phrase exactly supports the idea of out of body or astral projections. Instead of having beliefs and listening to others experience it is always recommended to have self-experience as it has a higher number of affinities.

The absolute and straight answer to these questions is “YES” because when you are traveling through this world, you may encounter all types of beings including lower and higher vibrational frequency.

When you leave your body, there is only one cord attached to your body which helps you in coming back to your original place, but when you are surrounded by different types of vibrations then they may try to break this cord and suck all your positive energies making you weak.

So, it is necessary that if you are leaving your body then you should have proper knowledge and assistance of this work.

You need to ensure that you are well protected by your angels and guides to take you out of any bad experience.

Ways to have this experience, hope this will help you

  • Try to experience this in between 4 am to 6 am
  • Choose a relaxing place and start reading your mind and body.
  • Be in a comfortable position, sitting, lying etc. which suits you
  • Console yourself that you are going to have an out of body experience by saying “body is asleep and mind is awakened” or ” I will have a lucid dream” and repeat this several times.
  • Now, feel relax and close your eyes tightly.
  • Allow yourself to almost feel asleep.

Once you are out of your body, there is no limit where you can go and what you can do.

And you can also go back to your body, anytime you want by the power of your mind.

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