What is Paranormal? Facts about Paranormal Activity

Paranormal events are those activities or phenomena which cannot be scientifically explained, which are beyond the normal life. The world we know can be considered as ‘normal’ – it’s the world we feel, communicate with, understands, and touch, where things happen as expected and according to our will.paranormal

The “paranormal” refers to the world just above, or beyond, next to ours – the world which is not subjected to our rules and regulations.

Paranormal Beliefs 
Most notable beliefs include those that connect to ghosts, unidentified flying objects, psychic abilities, extrasensory perception, unrecognized species, and extraterrestrial life.

Facts About Paranormal

  • Paranormal Activity Is Wicked/ Devilish 
    Demons are a spiritual force that can affect anyone in this physical world and one of the ways they do that is through ‘Paranormal activities”. In other words, we can say, it is the spirit/ soul of your beloved one or some lost soul who is trying to communicate with you. Demon’s activities can be seen in films which the character portrait that demons can do to people in real life. Sometimes people can get attacked by demons during their sleep, who sense a real, negative presence around them, who hear voices. These things can happen to a normal person, people with job, work, families, educated. It’s very important to know demonic forces are what is actually behind the paranormal.
  • Paranormal Activity Is Real 
    People who have never experienced any such paranormal activity are the one who dismisses it as superstition. But try and tell that to those who HAVE! Someone who wakes up in the morning with bruises and marks in their bodies from something that happened to them during the last NIGHT they slept! Try and convince the person who sees objects flying, moving here and there by themselves in the house. Try and tell that person who hears someone calling his or her name loud and clear continuously when no one is present there! Does it really matter’s who calls it unreal? For those to whom it happens, paranormal experiences are very REAL.
  • Ways of stopping Paranormal activities 
    There are lot of things you hear about when it comes to driving out demon. Lots of methods you hear about exorcism, demonologists, Ouija boards, calling in a priest and none of which can effectively deal with the paranormal. Always remember “A spirit has no power in this living world, apart from that which you give it – psychologically, emotionally and physically”. The best and the only effective way to deal with a demonic effect is in the name of ‘GOD’. In other words, in the spiritual realm, there’s only one name that demons respect too.

Paranormal Research 
A phenomenon cannot be confirmed as paranormal using the scientific method as it can never fit the definition. There are various approaches to deal with paranormal: anecdotal, experimental and the skeptical investigation.

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