Samadhi: A True Way of Life

Samadhi is the word which has meaning in itself. Sama means balance and Adhi mean intelligence. A misconception of some people about Samadhi is that it is the form in which person goes to death like situation. But they don’t know that many people do Samadhi to attain intelligence in balanced form. Meditation is the form of Samadhi to find the truth of life.samadhi

Samadhi is the way by which anybody can balance everything inside them like their emotion, mental activity, feeling and many more things. In this state the person discriminate one thing from another, this discrimination occurs because of the intelligence of person which works perfectly.

Samadhi is the form in which a person can control all his sense by keeping his eyes closed. The position is simple like we sit on the floor by folding legs inward crossing each other, closing eyes and neglecting the activities of surrounding world. While performing Samadhi the mind should be free from the outer world. If a person is thinking about something then he or she cannot perform Samadhi. Firstly a person has to perform some yoga posture which can help a person to make concentration on an object. A person has to think that he has completed all the things in the life and now is the time to attain the Samadhi.

When any person does Samadhi for three to four days then he realizes the feeling of space and freeness. There are many Yogis who perform Samadhi are said to survive for more than 150 years. Many Yogis or Saints sacrificed every pleasure and went to the Himalayas to perform Samadhi. Only those people can answer the question that has experienced the life of Samadhi. The Yogis who perform Samadhi for decades have developed extraordinary control of their body and mind.

If you want to feel and observe this situation then you have to try this for one to two hours. Samadhi not only makes you the feel of freeness and fullness but it will also increase the patience level of the person. Samadhi also controls the anger of the individual and it also releases your stress, jealousy, and greediness from your body and mind. Samadhi is the form in which person can control the power of his mind through which he or she can attain anything.

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