Spirit Guides and Their Effect on Our Life

A spirit guide is an angel. It used to be a human before, a spirit guide can be a loved one that has crossed over and also can be someone who is assigned to you.spirit-guide

They have understandings of the soul lessons you need to learn in this life and underneath you have a deep connection with them as they would have been assigned to you by the almighty. They are energetically connected to you at some level. Spirit guides are light energy beings and are there to connect with you. They are ready to connect with you anytime as they are your spirit guides.

Difference between a Spirit and a Guardian guide

A guardian angel has only ever existed in a divine form. They have never been humans whereas spirit guides have been human before.

Three classifications of guide angels

Spirit guide is someone who understands your conditions, your nature and they have Ascendant to that level by the almighty that they can now help you.
Your spirit guide is considered as an expert as they have done that before they have been in that situation and therefore they have been assigned to you. You have multiple spirit guides, some spirit guides are assigned to you before you appear in physical form and other spirit guides you acquire through your journey here on earth. They cannot make decisions for you but can provide you support and comfort.
For Example: You lose a loved one in your 20’s, that loved one could come and be your spirit guide. So you have multiple spirit guides, usually, you have some guides which you acquire before coming to your physical form and then you can also gather some spirit guides along the way depending if you have loved ones crossed over, they can step into that guide and become part of your spiritual messenger team. They are your life mentors and may work with multiple souls.
Spirit guides often appear as humans in dreams or vision in order to connect. They can also appear as beautiful beings of blue light.

Guardian Angel: They have never been humans before and therefore vibrate a higher frequency. Same as spirit guide everyone has guardian guide too. They are beings of light that that responds to call, because of high frequency they have the power to affect the environment.

Archangels: They are extremely powerful and are of higher level with the highest frequency. They have the ability to help anyone in this universe. You can call archangels any time and for any reason big or small no matter.

Presence Of Spirit Guides

Their presence can be known by many different ways and signs like light, vibrations, feel- good tingles, feeling of peace and calm, dreams, air, water etc. They can also send people in your life to help you.

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