Types Of Spirit Guides and How To Contact Them

The team, a SPIRIT TEAM which we all have that is made up of our spirit guides and guardian angels. They are present in this physical world to help us, protect us, comfort us and teach us lessons through the different stages of our lives.types-of-spirit-guide

At different levels, different times in our lives, sometimes only one guide work throughout. At the same point in time, one spirit guide or angel can be more energetic and powerful than another. In fact, often we work, live with a single guide through one chapter in our lives but another spirit may take over space for the next chapter of our lives.

There are many spirit guides who work behind the scenes and curtains without our knowledge; however, we will discuss only 5 most important of them today.

Here are the 5 important types of spirit angels:

1. TEACHER GUIDES – Teachers are the one who taught us the right meaning and path of our lives. Apart from our guardians, they are the one who makes us comfortable with this physical world.

Same as the teacher, TEACHER GUIDE also helps us to understand the purpose of our lives, destiny.

Teacher guides are often present to make us understand the lesson of life through difficult time and make appropriate action. Teacher guide usually delivers their message to by introducing you to a person who will be the best guide to you at a particular period of time. They can also communicate with you through signs, symbols, characters, and dreams.

Teacher guide also helps us to gain deeper understanding and meaning and also the importance of our purpose.

2. GUARDIAN ANGEL GUIDES – They are the one who can you stop you from moving towards the danger. They can protect you and provide you with a shield around you for your safety and security. These guides have the ability to intervene in our lives without any permission in this physical world to protect us. Guardian spirit angels can also communicate with you through your spirit animals / MESSENGERS. They can take the form of your spirit animal to remind you of and make you aware of the danger. And also a way of reminding you to stay strong, healthy and to acquire the wisdom and qualities of that animal. Also, it can be a symbol, that you are being physically protected.

Just ask your spirit guides to help and protect you whenever you fell by calling them simply.

3. MESSENGER GUIDES – Messenger guides are the ones who deliver messages through signs and symbols in order to help us make decisions.

They often come into our lives when we are ready to enter into a new phase of life or a new path.

They usually communicate through dreams, number pattern, symbols, synchronicities.

You can always get connected with your messenger guide by simply calling out loud there name and asking them to enter into your life and showing you the right path by symbols and asking questions.

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