The Ultimate Purpose of Human Life

The New Year has arrived and people are quite busy in enquiring out that…..What should be their New Year resolution? Such as changing or rectifying their daily habits, thoughts, and a way of behaviour or

People took resolution preach them strictly for a couple of days then forget the initiative taken by them by simply reshuffling to their previous routine way of dealing with life ….as they lack the basics ethics of life through which the life process prospers. So discover this New Year the ultimate definition, aspects and purpose of life by knowing and preaching their moral values, which will be adequate enough to resolve the needs or desire of human life.

Meaning and purpose of lifeĀ 

Life is basically an aspect of existence that enquires about social ties , pursuits of well-being, happiness and related conception of morality.
The search for the ultimate purpose of human life has produced numerous philosophical, scientific , theological and metaphysical speculations throughout human evolution. The meaning and purpose of life is derived from philosophical and religious consideration which further is interpreted through the basic concept of morals and by the ethics of different religion.
“Life without a purpose is just like a body without soul.”
Life has its meaning as according to the Universal law of nature, each and every living being in this mortal world has a purpose for its existence. The human being is the most superior out of any living being thus its peak time for them to think deeply into the matter to really enjoy the happiness and vitality of life. Each and every individual in this universe should always follow, preach and adopt the precious saying mentioned below for gaining excellency and totality to their life.
“The purpose of human life is to serve, show compassion and the will to help others without any greed or lust.”
According to Ancient Vedic philosophy, there are basic principles of life, which are the core aspects and objectives for the fulfillment of the purpose of human life.
1. DHARMA (Righteousness): The first and foremost objective of life is the righteousness in the code of conduct of any individual i.e. dharma understanding which indeed is a complete term covering an entire range of human value system.
2. ARTHA (Wealth): It is the pursuit of life which educates us that one should not become the slave of material wealth but should master it. It also teaches proper way of acquisition of wealth and its right use.
3. KAMA (controlled fulfilment of desire): The third pursuit of life is Kama the desire or satisfaction of sensual urges. In which the materialistic satisfaction occupies the topmost position.
4. MOKSHA (Salvation): The attainment of Moksha i.e. the salvation is the highest goal of life and final objective according to the vedic philosophy of human life. It is the state of liberation from misery and pain which are so abundant in human life. It is the state of perfect bliss attaining which nothing more in life remains to be attained as it’s simply a divine and ecstatic experience in one’s life.

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